HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILLY!! I HOPE YOU HAD/HAVE AN AMAZING! Ok so I don't know you that well but your sets are perfect and you seem extremely nice so we should talk sometime!!:) @drlilly

ok so guys. I really like this set. I made it on the bus today. and so yeah,, it's kind of inspired by @foreverandalways-rachael cuz it reminds of her sets:)

ɑsĸ mɛ quɛsтɪoɴs↓

And so basically I have felt like crap for the past week and I've been in a really crap mood as well. I don't like it. 

I haven't done a lot cuz school is ruining my life. I've just done homework. and homework. And more homework. but tomorrow is Friday and I'm gonna have fun at the football game so yeaaahh. school has been really boring. All I do all day is wait for orchestra/ gym then for lunch then when I go home. the rest of the classes I just zone out and sleep. Aghhhhhh.

I really want Starbucks right now. So yep:) I love you guys. You know that?!

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