Wow omg it's your birthday bro!! Happy birthday man!! Alright funny story I actually made like another kinda spacey themed one of these but I felt like it was lacking a few things that I felt a small little picture collage that kinda represents you should have so I made this one as well! But of course like if you wanna see the other one I can put that one up as well. Anyways!! I got off track *cough* as I always do *cough* bro you're like 17 now man you're old man!? I'm gonna have to push you around in a wheelchair man!! Jk jk but really man you're my bro, I know we sometimes don't always see eye to eye and argue sometimes because of misunderstanding but we always resolve those arguments rather quickly. Which is amazing because normally we just misunderstood one thing. Even though I don't like fighting with you because you're my hêlla rad bro the fights let me know a crucial thing, that no matter what may happen to the two of us I know we will be able to conquer it together. Like true bros. You're like my best friend man really anything I'm going though I can always rant to you about it and even though you may not go though the same things as me you still give helpful advice or even just a shoulder to lean on. I know I'm not around much anymore because soccer is up my aśs but when we end up talking again it's like nothing's changed and we still make the bro puns and everything, it's a nice feeling man. I love building our oc's together and working through the character development process with you really helps, bro. I love you and all your characters and I think you do an amazing job at both portraying and creating your characters. You're an amazingly talented artiest and writer, and even though you won't believe it because you're a stubborn little child, I think you're a beautiful person inside and out and it's a blessing to have you in my life. Happy birthday brotato chip, broski, bro bro!! Love ya fammy fam fam!! 😁👍

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