Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl.
That boy was named Sam. That girl was named Jadelyn.
Fuck you iPod I spelled her name right burn in hell, mother fucker.
Anyway, Sam was a "rockstar" and being a rock star meant wearing fabulously flattering pants that made his booty look nice. Jadelyn appreciated this very much she liked that booty in those jeans very much. She really longed for that booty, and she would do whatever it took to see him up close in those fab jeans. One day she decided she'd finally work up the nerve and approach him to see this phenomenon. She hopped in her car (yeH, i know its not your sweet 26 but...) and drove off to this church she heard PF would be filming a music video in. During the whole drive there she listened to their CDs, singing along (actually wailing and screaming along). After literally hundreds of hours of this she finally arrived at the church. Jadelyn quickly hopped out of her car and ran to the church door.
"oh, shit", she said aloud.
Suddenly the realization she was outside of a church hit her and she prayed out loud "FORGIVE ME LORD!!!!!"

"It's okay Jadelyn."
Jadelyn looked up at the sky. "Jesus".
"No, it's cole, turn around."
And as she turned around there he was, Cole Andre.
She gasped. 
They stood there.
In that moment everything was absolutely perfect. Jadelyn's arms were numb, her heart was pounding, and her stomach was twisted up. He looked into her eyes. She almost fainted. She was actually there looking deeply into the eyes of Cole Andre. Everything seemed as though it was slow motion and complete. She developed these strong feelings for him in this moment. Then before she could even blink her eyes he started moving towards her. She move in and closed her eyes gently.
Then he shove past her unlocked he door and rushed in, shutting the door behind him and locking it quickly.
This made Jadelyn gasped.
What a tease!!!
She was still determined to see Sam and be there to witness him in his flattering jeans. The door was locked though.any ideas filled Jadelyn's head. She could beg them from the door to let her in, try to find a key, or find some badass, most likely illegal way to see him.
Jadelyn, being jadelyn obviously went with the last option. 
She ran around the outside of the hitch scanning for any sort of entrance into the building. 
She couldn't find any besides a window at the back of the sanctuary that was opened just enough she could probably squeeze her way through. There, inside the sanctuary up front, filming, playing, and looking fine was paradise fears. Damn, they looked good to her! Before entering through the window Jadelyn paused to admire all of them she thought of what she'd do to those ***********************************adult content***********************************
And how she wanted to ***********************************fifty shades of gray***********************************
After those nice thoughts it was time to go in! (Derp) she squeezed we way through the window, hopin no one would notice her yet and made her way under a pew. Surprisingly enough the goal of getting in to the church was accomplished. Not only was it accomplished but it was done with no hassle!
Slithering like a snake, jadelyn crawled under the pews to the front of the church where the band was performing sanctuary.
She stayed hidden and just listened to them play, it was magical. The band, In person sounded and looked magnificent, right in front of her. Jadelyn closed her eyes and silently sang along. A shiver ran down her spine. It was incredible. Sam was belting out the lyrics perfectly.
"life's a painting and you're the-"
But suddenly he stopped.
Jadelyn's eyes shot open and she stared up at him. He'd seen her. SHIT! She thought. What now? She probably looked like an idiot and hed hate her. He rushed over to her and ducked down to see her. Jadelyn brace her self for what she expected,  and angry Sam Miller yelling at her but actually he just calmly asked, "why are you here?"
It was silent for a moment until jadelyn could finally manage to open her mouth, "I-I-I'm so sorry, I just wanted to see you and the door was locked so I- please forgive me, I shouldn't have-" but then sam put his finger up to her mouth and softly "shh"ed her. 
"it's fine", he said, "you should've just asked knocked and asked one of us to let you in."
Jadelyn took a deep breathe, "but cole rushed in without me and I didn't think you'd let me in."
Sam half smiled, "sure we wouldve, a cute fan like you is always welcome to one of our video shoots." he then winked making Jadelyn blush.
All she could say was "thanks."
Sam grabbed Jadelyn's hand and helped her out from under the pew. Cole waved to her, remembering shed Been outside, "I would've let you in you just had to ask."
She was now speechless again. Te rest of the band waved and said their "hey"s and "hi"s too.
Paradise fears welcoming her to their video shoot, it was like a dream come true. Jadelyn took a deep breathe.
Sam gave her a quick, unexpected kiss and ran onstage.
From then on they shot their video jadelyn sat nearby enjoying the live music and seeing sans precious booty in those pants.

Then afterwards Sam, Cole, and Jadelyn had a hot threesome.

The end.

Jesus Christ, I didn't really revise that so its probably ten times worse than it already was.
@kennedybrock I LOVE YOU.
Come to think of it I should've put the Sam booty pic in this. *sigh.
Oh well, sorry.
Love, Sarah!
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