Where do I even begin? When I first saw a picture of you guys, my eyes immediately landed on you. You were so intriguing, so different. Your eyes sparkled reminding me of the perfect blue ocean. Your smile was so hypnotizing, the way your teeth are like pearls, and your canines...don't even get me started. Watching the video diaries, I saw how funny you were, making jokes and being ridiculous. When you said you liked a girl who ate carrots, my diet consisted of water...and carrots! I would not eat any other vegetable except carrots. Also, I love how you can be so funny, so immature yet you can buckle down and be serious and care for others. When Harry got hate after his first live performance, you let him work things out on his own, but you were still there for him. Then came Eleanor. When I found out about her, my heart was broken. She was gorgeous, and looking into the mirror, I knew you would never pick me if given the chance. I wrote Summer Love, trying to find a way to block her out, and make you mine. I guess I gave up on you, seeing as you stayed locked with your decision. I kept a special place for you in my heart, but I moved onto Harry. He filled the holes you left in my heart, and made me smile again, even though you gave me feels (still do!) At the concert, even though I loved Harry, I went dressed like you. You were the one who made me love the band in the first place, so I thank you for changing my life. Have a wonderful birthday, and please keep on being the cheeky, inappropriate, drop dead GORGEOUS, Louis William Tomlinson. I love you. Always have, always will. ♥
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