he's twenty today. wot? how ? idek... time goes so fast and he's all grown up now :')

hope you have a good day zaaayine babes ♥ 


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Where would you go to if you could fly anywhere on Earth?
• EVERYWHERE! probalbly england first to see my sister and ya know One Direction ;) heheh
How many books do you own?
• like 100+ i think! quit alot!

What’s your favorite movie from your childhood?

• Mulian, gosh i was obsessed...

Who’s your favorite teacher?

• I forgot his name :( he left half way through the year but he was the funniest teacher, he was from whales and had the funniest accent. we'd de whatever in his class! good times good times...

What’s your favorite kind of clothing?

• wow, why is this a question? do you know how much i love clothes i can't even answer this question! hehehee

Bad habit?

• chewing my nails when i'm nervous, ughh hate it.

What was the last fictional thing you cried over (Book, movie, or show)

• i cried watching the jerk theory it was awkward because it wasn't even that sad.... 

What was the last vacation you took?

• it was last year in april, i went to a music festival ! :D
What’s on your walls?

• One direction, One Direction, One direction, a life size poster of Harry and Liam, pictures of my and my friends, a clock and a wall sticker of a cherry blossum tree! oh and paint ;)

Where are you right now?

• at home, on the computeerrrrrr!

What kind of tattoo do you think you would have if you got one?

• i actually want to get one, idek why though but i want to get a infinity sign :D
What did you do last night?

• i ate some food, chilled on the computer, was home alone, played the piano.

What’s your favourite album ever & why?

• Up All Night by One Direction, do i even have to say why? its perfection ♥

If you could see any band in the whole world live, who would it be?

Explain your icon.

• it me, in my school uniform posing it up :)

What 3 things always make you feel better?

• Chocolate, One Direction, best friendsss ♥

What’s your idea of a perfect night?

• Chilling with friends doing anything fun :)

What are you looking forward to right now?

• going on a camp! :D im leaving for it tomorrow yyayayayyaayay!
What’s your favorite smell?

and mariah carey's butterfly purfume, its so good ugh ashdjksl;dghsl;ag.

What are you reading right now?

• Prince of Wolves, its ok :)

What’s one thing on your bucket list?


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