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Quick reminder: being a “good”/“bad” person isn’t an inherent state, like being tall or introverted. It’s about a commitment to be conscious of others and to strive not to hurt them–it’s working to be aware of yourself, your behaviors, and how the affect those around you. You can choose at any time to try to be better at this, and your past transgressions don’t prevent you from making a commitment to do better 

 Everyone has bad thoughts, bad feelings, and bad impulses. But those are all contained–no one can read your mind and no one can be hurt by your thoughts alone. You’re not a bad person for having bad thoughts–you’re human. It’s how you respond, how you behave, and how you react that defines you, and those are things you can alter and change. You are not your mistakes, and over time you can learn to let go of the concepts of good and bad altogether in favor of the tangible goal of trying to be supportive and uplifting to others. Being a good person is a lifelong series of actions, not an immutable personality trait.

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