Jake on Valentines Day 
💚So of course as you may have predicted Jake loves this holiday 
💚This boy is all about love and that's what this holiday is all about 
💚Hëll he gets more excited on Valentines Eve then Christmas Eve 
💚He tried to get appealing and quite lovely things for Riley 
💚He goes shopping and attempted to buy a nice dress and shoes 
💚Hoping and praying to his mother above to guide him towards good clothing for the love of his life 
💚He also buys Riley a necklace, like some really pretty silver and diamond one
💚Also lowkey has to get that good good necklace insurance to replace any of the diamonds 
💚He actually probably gets insurance on all of Riley's expensive diamond jewelry 
💚Anyways back to the real stuff at hand 
💚He gets Riley gift baskets of Devine Chocolates and lavish wine
💚They will be drinking that on a very fancy dinner date Jake planned out and made reservations a month in advance 
💚He really hopes he didn't overdue anything or overwhelm Riley with all the stuff 
💚But he really loves Riley and wants to spend every second he has on this Earth to spoil Riley and treat him like the queen he is 
💚He also writes this 

Dear Riley, 

Do you believe in second chances,my love? I certainly do. A long time ago when I was first brought into the world I lived in a rather bent household, I had my sweet mother whom I loved with all my heart, Austin, and my alcoholic father who was constantly off cheating on my mother. My father was not a very nice man, nothing but a lying and cheating son of a bïtch. Please excuse my language, love. When my father would get back he'd reek strongly of heavy liquor and various cheep perfumes of other women. He'd come home only to yell at me and Austin, then he was off to beat our mother and leave once more. As I grew older I became more and more crossed with my father. He was never the role model of a man I needed him to be therefore I had no one to look up to. And as for Austin, he had to look up to me. I'm not perfect my love, no matter how hard I try I know I'll never be and I'll never atone for what I did. To this day my father is resting under a six foot blanket of dirt. I will not explain how or why but know he shall sleep till the end of time. Now where was I going with any of this? Why would I tell you such a thing on a day meant to show your love and affections? Well my love this is part of me, part of the man you've grown to love. Or at least I hope feel that way. My love life wasn't very nice to me ,and in return I made a grave mistake. A mistake that sent me tumbling down the golden stairs of Heaven straight to the fiery pits of Hëll. But even though I made this grave mistake and deal with darkness the light in life chose to reveal itself. You see I was sent up here to the surface to live another life, a life in which I thought would be miserable like the one I had before my passing. But the lift of life revealed itself and the world blessed me with you. My love, I did not expect a man such as myself to be given a second chance as I did or be able to ever find a love so true and pure in all my life. I thought the world was all darkness and your very existence has proven me entirely wrong. When I'm with you the world glows my dear, I can see clearly again, you are my light and you guide me through life with your support and love. I adore you my baby, everything about you I love from your sassy and stubborn nature, your sweet and caring side, your fashion sense, and your confidence to break norms and be true to yourself.  In this second chance of a life I've been given, I want to make something truly wonderful of it with you by my side. You are my everything, my one true love and light of my life, and if you will allow it I shall continue to love you for the rest of eternity.
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OC's straight from the underground

OC's straight from the underground

This group is for the creative writers and casual or dedicated roleplayers. For people who love their oc’s and challenge themselves to develop them. We want you to share your creativity in your OC. Submit sets based on your OCs and participate in challenges judged by some dank memers (there two of us.) (we’re losers).

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