🖤May or may not have dressed super gay on purpose
🖤Look if sam takes her out and they get called friends one more time she's gonna mcfreakin lose it 
🖤She's actually been mentally preparing for going out with sam 
🖤One cannot just go out into the wild public without mental preparation 
🖤And I mean it's the stupid love holiday everyone goes out on the stupid love holiday 
🖤She actually bought Halsey and Roxy doggo pink and red valentine sweaters 
🖤She makes them wear the sweaters
🖤She got them for the rest of the doggos too and gives them all out with doggo safe chocolate the doggos for the love holiday 
🖤She loves the fact she just spends the whole day with sam 
🖤And the fact sam is super attached makes it a million times better 
🖤She ain't gotta tell dem hoës staring at her sam to catch her outside 
🖤Hates this holiday, but only tolerates it because sam 
🖤Also she gets sam stuff but sees what Jake got Riley and feels like she didn't do enough or good enough 
🖤Fückin Jake outdoin everyone 
🖤And like everyone else ends up writing a letter to add to the stuff because she didn't have time to go out and buy lots of money worth of gift baskets 

Dear Sam,
Do you remember the first time you ever asked me out? It was today. So happy sorta anniversary! I guess I dunno I think we were official a day or two later who knows and who cares. I know worst girlfriend ever. So this shït of a holiday is all about love. Now lots of people ask year around, what is love?Well I mean you could think of the song and sing baby don't hurt me don't hurt me no more. But to me the answer to the question isn't just a spectacular song reference but a question with many answers. 
So what is love and what does it do? 
Well I have a pretty good idea when I'm with you... 
Love is, falling asleep in your arms 
Love is, waking up next you ever single morning
Love is, laughing when the puppies lick your face and then pouting when you tell them to lick me instead 
Love is, holding your hand in mine everywhere we go together 
Love is, naked cuddling in your room and trying to awkwardly hide under the covers when someone comes in to ask one of us something 
Love is, listening to the crackling sound at the end of a record while lying on the floor with you but neither of us have bothered to change the record because we're making out 
Love is, knocking the cigarette out of your hand when you try to smoke because I'm worried for your health 
Love is, holding you close through the hard times of night when those demons come around to haunt you 
Love is, those butterflies I get in my stomach when your fingers trace my skin
Love is, that rush I feel before we go at it 
*insert bad winking face here because I cannot wink*
Love is, that feeling of safety when you pull me closer to you 
Love is, singing out favorite songs together 
Love is, walking together in the rain with Jake yelling at us to come in before we catch a cold
Love is, taking a shower together...to conserve water of course
Love is, cuddling up in warm blankets with warm coco by the fire with you and the puppers
Love is, taking the dogs on long morning walks just so we can be alone together 
Love is, everything we have together 
Love is, the only word I can think of to use to tell you how I feel
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OC's straight from the underground

OC's straight from the underground

This group is for the creative writers and casual or dedicated roleplayers. For people who love their oc’s and challenge themselves to develop them. We want you to share your creativity in your OC. Submit sets based on your OCs and participate in challenges judged by some dank memers (there two of us.) (we’re losers).

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