Happy Days

You may remember Happy Days as a show all about growing up in the 1950s, but The Fonz and friends actually only started grabbing screen time in 1974. Despite being fairly modern, though, this lighthearted ‘50s pastiche set in Milwaukee has left an outsized mark on American pop culture.
The series spawned a total of four spin offs, including classics Laverne & Shirley and Mork & Mindy (Robin Williams first showed up on Happy Days as an alien bent on kidnapping Ron Howard). The jacket actor Henry Winkler wore while playing The Fonz has even found its way into the Smithsonian Museum.
While we can’t all be Arthur Fonzarelli, we can certainly dress like him. Ready for a little ‘50s flair? Put a nickel in the jukebox and check out these fun retro sets!

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Wrote three years ago
Love this! Amazing sets everyone!

Wrote three years ago
I remember this show!!!!


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