Seoul Mate
Finally, here it is, probably not the best final ever but in my own defense the set is good!!! ^_^' don't mind the mistakes ^^ i wrote it all in one go (yeah, I was so surprised by the sudden inspiration that hit me that I will publish it just the way it is! -I'm sure I'll find millions of mistakes later though TT- but hope you had enjoyed the story as much as I enjoyed writing it, don't hate me for the end I chose... I just don't believe in the classical 'happy ending' so that's why... *sobbing forever for having to give this rp an ending* xD 

It'd be good if you can listen to the song btw ^^


Just one week after their trip to New York, G, Stephanie and May once again reunited -this time in May’s apartment and with considerably more guests- with Lana’s songs playing as background and various bottles of wine and delicious food waiting for them. 

“How does it come we always drink wine like old people?” G asked to no one in particular.

“Probably we developed that habit when we moved together during our last year in Paris” May pensively replied, “It happened just before you broke up with Al-“

“Don’t mention his name!” G stopped her from talking by tugging a piece of salmon in her mouth, gaining laughs from everybody.

“I can’t believe I have never listened to Lana del Rey before” Kevin said reaching a plate of snacks “She has quite good songs”

“May’s been obsessed over her since last year” G explained “And I must accept it’s my fault”

“The lyrics are kind of disturbing, though” Eli meditated as he sipped some wine. 

“And also her voice is kinda weird” Soohyun laughed trying to imitate a high pitched note from ‘Afraid’ and succeeding at making it sound way too provocative. Dongho almost choked with all the food he had in his mouth and Baekho clumsily knocked down the open bottle of coke, making the dark liquid spill all over the table and stain May’s white rug.

“Oh! Noona, I’m so sorry!” the guy apologized.

“I told you already you can’t call me noona! The only one who’s allowed to call me noona it’s our baby Dongho!” May sulked –or rather pretended to.

“Such a great way to ruin the mood!” Lee, G’s boyfriend, sighed as he stood up to move the table.

“Don’t worry! I’ll clean!” Stephanie, just like a mom would do, stood up quickly, ready to fix what her young boyfriend had done.

“It’s ok, let’s leave it in the laundry room” May stood up, grabbed the rug and disappeared down the hallway.

“By the way we saw the pictures in New York, you and Jae-“ Kiseop was about to say when G threw him a pillow.

“Don’t mention Jaeseop!” he half mumbled, half shouted

“Why? I thought they finally settled things down” Hoon asked confused.
“Exactly, they settled everything down.”


“Apparently they agreed to move on, given their situation I guess they thought it was the best solution” Stephanie said nodding slightly. Everybody’s expressions darkened and a strange ambience went over the place as Soohyun let out a heavy sigh just when May stepped again into the living room.

“I’m sure that stain… what happened?” she said after noticing their faces. 

“Nothing noona!” Dongho stood up and hugged her out of the blue, so tightly and sympathetically that May felt how her eyes started to itch. “We’re just sad we’re making our comeback and we’ll be too busy to see you as often as we did this week!” he lied.

“Oh, kid! Don’t be ridiculous! I’ll be in all your performances and stuff during the weekends, and I’ll make sure to monitor your TV appearances as well and…w-why are you crying?” As strange it may seemed, Dongho was able to show a side of himself rarely seen when he felt moved and no doubt May and Jaeseop’s situation had led him to slightly tear up.

“What is this? Don’t cry!” Eli rolled eyes “You’ll make Soohyun cry as well!”

“Are you ok, Dongho?” Hoon motherly asked to the maknae who had stopped crying but whose face was still red.

“Noona, do you love Jaeseop hyung?” the guy innocently asked, startling May for a brief moment, but she immediately recomposed her expression and understood why everybody looked so depressed, she however, ignored the question and smiled.

“I guess it came the time for the cake!” She said “I prepared this specially to celebrate your comeback, I’ll treat you something better when you’re done with the promotions and…” but she was unable to continue because all U-KISS members gathered around her and embraced her little body. “Guys, guys, no! don’t…” she tried to push them but at the end she couldn’t resist it and simply let them heal all the pain she was feeling inside, after all U-kiss had always managed to make her feel better. That time was not an exception.

“May! Hurry up!” G shouted impatiently from the living room as he vainly tried to fix the collar of his shirt.

“We won’t arrive on time” The guy complained, checking the watch. “Why does she take so long?” He wondered to himself. “Stephanie! Are you done!?” he loudly called.


“Mostly? What does ‘mostly’ exactly mean to you?” G barked back.

“Well, this is mostly” Stephanie said stepping out of her bedroom wearing a long and beautiful dress while holding a pair of shoes in each hand and a inquiring expression on her face.

“Black ones! The others are too May-ish” He laughed.

“Yeah! I’ve heard so before!” Stephanie rolled eyes.

“I wonder who said such a thing!” Suho said leaving the kitchen with a box of cookies.

“Stop eating, you’ll leave bits on your suit!” 

“May! We’re late! Can you just hurry!?” G’s voice shouted once again. 

“Leave her alone, she’s almost ready” Stephanie said as she stepped into her shoes.

“Where’s Baekho? Isn’t he coming with us?” 

“And let people see us together so they can ruin our perfect relationship?” G rolled eyes “Well, he’s actually going there directly, he’ll meet us there.” The girl giggled.

“I can’t understand how do you manage to kept it as a secret” Suho sighed “The other day May and I almost got caught when we went to Starbucks”

“So rare, since that place is never crowded at all!” G replied sarcastically 


“I’m done, I’m done! Hurry up! We’re late!” May suddenly stormed out of her room, her hair perfectly tied up in a high ponytail, a clutch on her hand and a beautiful necklace with the image of a virgin holding on her chest. 

“That’s what I’ve been repeating for over 20 minutes!” G shook his head as he grabbed the key of his car and walked towards the door.

“On the bright side your best friend will look amazing for your wedding!” May said putting a cute face and pinching G’s cheeks. “I can’t believe you’re doing this!” a smile spread on G’s face.

“Me neither” He said “And I must accept I’m scared, it just seems so crazy and wrong!”

And yeah, as crazy and wrong it may sound, G was getting married; May’s best friend and his 3 years boyfriend were finally formalizing their status in a small yet glamorous ‘gathering’ -as they had decided to call it-. In fact the whole thing was rather an elaborated party that had consumed most of their time during past months but May had decided not to contradict her friend, instead she had swallowed her complaints and silently supported him by taking the lead on the company and following him around whenever he claimed he needed her help.
So the big day had come and for a moment May felt so envious of her best friend that she mentally slapped herself and she experienced a horrible feeling of guiltiness during the whole 'symbolic ceremony'. 

“Wow, those two really took care of the smallest details!” Suho said in admiration as he and May walked towards their assigned table where Stephanie, Baekho and 
U-kiss members were already sitting.

“Except they’ll have the noisiest table just beside them.” 

“You know what? The whole decoration and the ambience, it all reminds me to…” Stephanie said as soon as May took the place next to her.

“Sex and the city? Yeah, the whole party is in fact inspired on movies and I’m sure they watched that movie at least twice for this decoration”

“And what is this?” Soohyun curiously grabbed an enveloped that had his name written on it.

“Oh that thing… they took the time to look for movie quotes for each guest” Suho explained in disbelief.

“Cool, let’s see everybody’s!” Hoon hurriedly took his envelope and opened it.

“I don’t need to, I already know what they chose for me!” May said.

“The Devil wears Prada?” Kevin joked.

“In fact!” but as everybody focused all their attention in the white envelops and silver letters, May was suddenly surprised when she opened hers and start to read.
*I’m not such a bad friend, you know?* it said and cursive letters followed with a quote “Maybe a happy ending doesn't include a guy, maybe it's you, on your own, picking up the pieces and starting over, freeing yourself up for something better in the future. Maybe the happy ending is just moving on. Or maybe the happy ending is this: knowing after all the unreturned phone calls and broken-hearts, through the blunders and misread signals, through all the pain and embarrassment, you never gave up hope”
May laughed loudly and shook her head flustered. “At least he’s not so tactless!” she stated.

“Were you thinking about a present for G or a gift for yourself?” Eli asked later, when the artist May had contacted to perform on G’s party stepped on the small stage and surprised all those present with a magnificent voice and a soft indie song she claimed it was self composed. Later on she had continue to amaze with a perfect cover of Lana del Rey’s Born to die and that was when Eli had approached to May and had place his arm around her shoulders brotherly.

“It’s his favorite song and I’m the maid of honor! Of course it’s a gift for both” 

“Where’s Suho by the way, I can’t see him around?” This time it was Kevin’s voice, he leaned on May and stared stunned at the singer.

“He had a performance so he left”

“Are you two dating again?” Eli asked casually.

“Will you never forget I date him once? That was so long ago!” May replied with a knitted brow.

“Just asking cause you look so affective with each other.”

“And you look always so affective with Kevin! Have I ever asked you if you two are dating?” Kevin simply burst into laughter at the same time another song started to play.

“Again Lana?” Dongho asked as he leaned his head on May’s shoulder “Noona, we already know all her songs thanks to you!” He complained

“I think those two really don’t mind at all” Soohyun stood behind May, throwing a glare at Baekho and Stephanie, who were slowly moving their heads at the beat of the music and grabbing each other’s hands tightly. 

*Promise I won’t hurt you kid,
Hold me really tight until the stars look big,
Never let me go.*

May smiled pleased and looked at her friend feeling the way you feel when you watch a romantic film, butterflies on her stomach and holding a sigh in her chest.

“No more than those two” Hoon joined pointing at G and Lee who had suddenly invaded the dance floor moving the arms at the rhythm of the romantic song.

*If you love me hardcore, then don’t walk away,
It’s a game boy,
I don’t wanna play,
I just wanna be yours,
Like I always say,
Never let me go*

“And I’ve always been asked why do I get so neurotic when G is around guys” U-kiss cracked up at May’s comment.

“Well at least you won’t have to worry about that anymore” Kiseop also joined the group as his eyes diverted to May’s necklace.

“Is that new? It looks familiar” Hoon, who had recognized it earlier, poked Kiseop’s arm and shook his head annoyed.

“No” May replied calmly “ Jaeseop gave it to me around a year ago ‘That was how everything started’ she thought to herself. “Have you guys talked to him lately?” U-KISS members shook their heads, afraid to hurt their friend talking about AJ. 
But May was far from feeling hurt when Jaeseop was mentioned, or at least not anymore, in the end she was the one who had chosen her path; she knew that there were more important ways to succeed in life than staying forever with a guy –or that was she used to thought whenever guilt threatened to ruin her mood. 
She was mostly happy with her life, she had a successful career and she did whatever she wanted, probably there was something lacking but life was not perfect after all and those ‘happy endings’ people was always expecting for were as inexistent as the extremely reused ‘they lived happily after ever’. Love was suffering; giving but losing at the same time, feel an inexplicable joy whenever you see that person, but also being willing to endure difficult times together and probably May loved herself way too much to dare to take that risk with someone who had decided to move to the other side of the world, keeping that kind of relationship was what May had always considered as ‘a fool’s game’.

And that small girl standing on stage shocked everyone once again with a jazz version of a song May didn’t recognize until she heard.

* I can't be with the man I love,
I can't see him, I can't call him up.* 

May bitterly smiled, but focused her attention on her best friend and his ‘husband’? 

“This whole thing is so senseless!” Hoon laughed and May nodded in agreement of that last sentence.

“Oh, you really know nothing! That’s the way love is, there’s no barriers when you’ve found the right person” Kevin explained and May meditated his words. “That’s what they call ‘soul mate’, if destiny allows you, you’ll find that person” And as silly as it was, May’s mind immediately went back in time, to the day when she met Jaeseop for the first time in 운명 and how things had turned out at the end for both of them. She shook her head, trying to avert all those thoughts from her mind and instead wrapped an arm around Eli’s waist to lean her head on his shoulder

*You said that you didn't mind 'cause love's hard to find
Maybe the days we had are gone, living in silence for too long*

But as lame and depressing the lyrics and the whole situation were, May continued smiling because there still was remaining hope, because deep inside her soul, -where she had sunk all the love she felt for Jaeseop-, there was this voice telling her that probably the day on which her love story would finally come true would arrive sooner or later. Probably that tall, intelligent and awkward guy, whose smile resembled a cat, was not the right one, probably his fate had prepared him something better than singing in an idol group and having a girlfriend like her. 

*Baby it’s a sweet life,
Sing it like song,
It’s a short trip*

She nodded convinced: no doubt there were still better days ahead, even though she would have stopped in that very precise moment. She looked around and found everything in the right place, her best friends had found that someone special that completed their lives, she in the other hand had found a group of 6 amazing guys who had managed to give her a reason to keep smiling and thinking that everything would be fine as long as she would find a shoulder where she could lean her head. The time would come to hold hands with her soul mate, without obstacles in between; well, maybe with obstacles to face together, but nothing that love wouldn’t overcome, meanwhile she would enjoy that amazing party, there, in ‘Seoul Mate’.
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