Make Me Beautiful-Round one!
The quote I used is in the title and in the set. I'm usually kind of obsessed with looking good, that I sometimes forget that the prettiest thing you can wear is a smile. This year I'm trying to be happy and nice and keep my head held high. I want to be that girl that looks like she's always having fun and who makes people happy just by looking at her (:
Right now my favorite song is probably Paradise by Coldplay, or any Adele song. I like songs that are a bit more... classical I guess? Not like super electronic-y with dubsteps. Those songs are good for parties, but not so much for just listening in my ipod. Paradise is stuck in my head right now, and Adele is just amazing. I can't wait until she has her baby! 
I included 3 pictures of myself :) two of them are in the frames and one is under that envelope.


My. Birthday. Is. Tomorrow. I'm going to be a teenager! I'm having a party over the weekend and I'm sooo excited. I can't wait! I'm not going to be able to go to sleep tonight or pay attention in school tomorrow lol...
Today was a half day so my friends and I went to Shake Shack and Sephora and then Victoria and I went to Ricky's back in our neighborhood. I wore makeup that made me look vintage-y and pretty! Plus my shirt I was wearing today matched this set (same color scheme) and it's pretty much my favorite shirt (except my other lace shirt, WHICH I CANNOT FIND! I wore it like 3 times and I put it in the wash and now it's lost). Anyways, Happy early Birthday to meeee!

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