Happy Sunday with Grey and coffee!! xD:)

I will back home soon why suddenly feeling sad.but before i leave,i missing to a friend of my little cousin he's a boy 10y/o chubby and playful,just yesterday we went out to rode bicycle together since he's dongsaeng (young bro) he got on passenger let picture 10 y/o boy weight over 60 kg. and me kinda small. but road is way too tough yesterday my neighbor road had reconstruction, in between turn bicycle back home we both felt from not so high from road top to the bottom you can picture to the real life han river when ppl used to jogging around and there we have a bicycle felt from the top and ppl who jogging from below looking to us with "are you okay?" ..i'm worried about little boy will get hurt but he end up just fine when i heard him spoke noona noona you can get up right?,and me really get some bruises but still have to rode back home.

i will surely missing to this boy when i back Tokyo.
ppl used to tease us "Giant (from Doraemon) and Olive(Popeye's GF) sibling"
i told him to lose some weight at least 2 kg,when i will come to see him again in next month he promise me already. just for his health you know.
but he too cute i cant resist ,have to say i like much more than my real cousin he's skinny and not funny lol~

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