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Happy Halloween, you guys! I can't believe it's here already. In my opinion, it's kind of like the end of fall. November is technically fall, but then again, after Halloween we start breaking out the Christmas decorations [the Christmas Obsessor strikes early!] and the trees lose their leaves, so... yeah : )

Anyway, what are your plans for tonight? Yesterday my friends and I went to the Halloween Hop at school which was fun [they had an activity that was a variation on bobbing for apples - doughnuts on a string, who can eat theirs first not using their hands - and I did it. That's going to make for some attractive pictures I'm sure, me with doughnut all over my face with my mouth hanging open the size of California], and tonight Gwen is stopping over and then heading to a Halloween party a friend of hers from university is having, Dad and Diana are going with Aunt Sharon to Mr. Masters's neighborhood on the UES to hand out candy, Jen's having friends over at our apartment for a costume party, and Thomas and I are taking Ella and two of her friends trick or treating in the Village. After that I have to head to my friend's haunted house, get in my harness and do my thing. XD I should be there early enough even if I'm taking Ella and her friends trick-or-treating. I have someone covering for me until I can get there, and even so I'm going to be there relatively early seeing as Ella and her friends can't be out all that late. They're only 6, and the later it gets, the weirder the people get on Halloween in NYC.

Anyway, all these different plans means that we're all going crazy. Especially Jen, Ella, and me. We already ran to Party City, Jen in a rush for whatever party supplies is left and Ella and me in a rush for what we needed to finish our costumes. Ella has had a much better Halloween than last year's, by the way. She's dressing up as a piece of candy corn, rain isn't in the forcast, and - if you can believe this - the wreath that was stolen off our front door that she made last year REAPPEARED there today. I don't know what to make of that. Criminal with a guilty conscience? Anyway, she's happy and having fun and can't wait to see her friends tonight. Have a safe and fun evening : )

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