So it is almost Christmas, and I was tagged for one more of these so I thought I do one last one. I am going to be tagging more than ten people for this one, but I'll include the rules just incase any of you would still like to do it.

1) If you get tagged with a set from the game, it is your turn to make a gift set for 10 other people.
2) Make sure to tag at least ten people with the gift!
3) Copy the rules, to spread the game and gift giving as far as possible!

I was tagged by @silverlining07

Now the people I'm tagging are:
@silverlining07 @mycau @midnight-mama @rakagard @eltiwer @shellfish-suzie @alyssastar @ilovehedgehogs1029 @lastchance @girlyideas @pandacubcake @angiem @soulcrusher @psyche8778 @kateolive @fashionfever13 @arabicacup @lindacaricofe @lindaweldon @victorianheaven @luv2create4u @par0dise @smylin @gm12-cml @gma-mariana @maryanne-busuttil @temitopeze @sandersensarah @mandy-ruth @gray-c @nightmarebeforechristmas @knight-on-wheels @stormwarrior @soulperl @southern-charm @incogneato @skorps @linda-susan-felix-porter @anyower

You don't have to participate if you don't want! But please do accept my gift to you! :D
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