tuesday- Happy Iggy Day!

"Why are all your friends so gorgeous, and why is it that not even one of them is single?" rick asked, his dissapointment evident.

After his encouner with Laurie, he had met my new roommates, Bridgette, Cheyenne & Birdie and had actually not hit on even one of them! 

"Dont worry, tonight were clubbing cause its Iggys birthday, Im sure you'll find a few dozen women that find you irresistable" i winked.

"Hmm a party? sounds like fun.." and a devilish smile spread across his face.

"OH NO, rick, i know that look dont you DARE mess around, Birdie went through a lot of trouble to make sure everythings perfect, so for heavens sake dont mess it up"

"FINE. lets all be boring then" he said grumpily, "Ari, can i have your phone i told Gavin id call him before going over"

At the party:
"Well well, isn't this a happy family?" birdie asked, as Gavin, Rick & i entered together.

"birdie you look GORGEOUS"i said when i saw her.
"Iggys a lucky devil" rick said. Birdie blushed.

"i want everything to be perfect for the love of my life, you dont understand, im so nervous" Birdie spoke.

"OH SHIT" rick started...
Just then, AJ joined us. Aaah. No wonder rick had that look on his face.

"AJ, meet my brother, Rick, lead singer & guitarist for the band "up-tempo, Rick this is AJ, smash hot band manager, and a dear friend" i emphasized on the word friend.

"enchante" he said taking her hand and planting a kiss on it.
"Can i steal him for tonight?" Aj asked with a glint in her eyes. 
Before i could answer, Rick grabbed her hand , and walked towards the bar, "im all yours love"

"Well, they hit it off..." Gavin said smiling.
"He needed a distraction, now im all yours" i said pulling him onto the floor.

Bridgette & i were dancing on top of the tables, Birdie was licking cake off Iggys face, Cheyenne & laurie were making life hell for some of the girls..and well, im pretty sure i smelled pot in the mens bathroom.

This party couldnt have been more successful!
Suddenly, the music stopped, and the manager of Pink Lady yelled, "Cops cops! The Cops are here"

Just then 5 cops entered. 
"Who is mr. zimmerman?" one female cop yelled.
Iggy was so wasted. He stumbled, and then slowly raised his hand.

from no where, the music burst back on, and buttons went flying every where, as the cop undid her shirt and pushed Iggy on a chair.

Everyone watched in shock as Birdie went and yanked the stripper on Iggy off him. 

"Oh shit, i forgot about them", an all too familiar voice said.

15 minutes later, i stood outside The Pink Lady, and as Rick&AJ sent the strippers home, i apologized to Iggy and Birdie.

"youve go to control that brother of yours" Birdie said, she was livid.
"Im SO sorry Birdie, i had NO idea.."i started
"Are you mad", Iggy interrupted, "i loved the look on Birdies face as she pulled that stripper off me, Ive never seen her so jealous&mad, best gift ever Ariana" iggy joked.
Birdie hugged him.
"So im forgiven?" i asked Birdie with pupy dog eyes.
"Almost" she said after a moment, "lets og back inside Iggs" and they went in.

"Almost? Its been your 2nd day as a Steel Cat and you almost fight with Birdie, little miss trouble, that you are" Gavin said.
"oh, i know how to make it up to her... There are these new jeffrey Campbells, i know shes going to LOVE them" i said.
"bribery? tssh tssh ariana" Gavin teased.
"coming from the boy who blackmails the Principal of Forest u?" i teased right back.

"Oye, where did rick &AJ dissapear?" Gavin said all of a sudden.
I kissed him full on the mouth, "its time for us to dissapear ourselves Noel"
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