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This is for @polyvore and all my fabulous friends and followers♡

Firstly, Happy New Year!!! I am so glad it is finally 2013, a new year and a new start. I didn't like 2012 until one day I stumbled across Polyvore and it literally changed my life, people that I could relate to, lots of lovely new friends and FASHION, FASHION, MORE FASHION!! 
I joined during one of my most depressing times, in the summer. I have been on here since July, so I have been on here for about 5/6 months now. During that time, I have achieved two top sets, 67,402 set views, 7,773 set likes, 155 collection likes, 44 group members, 8 contest wins, 1,214 followers and three set usages. So, I just want to thank absolutely everyone who has liked any of my sets, followed me and supported me. It really means a lot, I appreciate it so much and it has impacted my daily life for the better. I never thought I would achieve one Top Set for a long time, and to have two already-WOW!

2013 started off extra special to me because on New Year's Day, the very first of January 2013, one of my most favourite sets became Top Set! Thank you Polyvore so much

I hope you all had a wonderful 2012, and if like me you did not then let's try our best and have an exceptionally extraordinary 2013! I have many New Years Resolutions too, that I will post soon in another set.
I also have a group called Glam Couture and it would be brilliant if you could join:

Also, I used Raina Hein in this set. She is my absolute favourite model and I find her very inspiring, as well as stunningly gorgeous. Raina was on America's Next Top Model Cycle 14 and finished as the runner-up. I try and have Raina's confidence and do what she does-find the positive of every negative. 

Lastly, I would like to tag all of the important people to me, who have been a great friend to me or liked and commented on many of my sets....I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!♡♡♡

Lots of love from, Selina (glamxdiamond) xxxxxx

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