HAPPY NEW YEAR!! hope u guys like the set!

1.What’s one piece of clothing/accessory every female should have in her closet?
a white collerd shirt
2.What’s your go to accessory? 
a headband/hair clip with either a flower or bow accent
3.What’s your go to outfit?
a skirt with a collered shirt tucked in. possibly with a belt, kinda depends on which skirt
4.What interest you about fashion and personal style the most?
you can express your self in any way u want. your style says something about you. and you can be laid back or be over the top, everything is up to you! :)
5.When you go shopping what or who inspires you?i love taylor swifts style, when i shop i ususally try to find one piece that i absolutlely love or have been eyeing for a little while. i htink what i can wear with it and if i have things to go with it i usually buy it, i cant go crazy wiht shopping in this ecomony :(, but if i splurge on one item, i tryh to get some items to go with it, i try to keep my style in mind
6.How would you describe your personal style in 3 words? girly, Preppy, Fun
7.Why do you want to be part of the Polyvore’s style council? above anything else, i think it would be tons of fun, having people look up to toy for advice is a great feeling, my friends and family ask me like im the "go to" person and they know i enjoy helping
8.What sets you apart from the other representative? well just like everyone else, im unique to me, i tr to be my own person, and not follow in the exact steps of someone else, if i saw someone famous, ex taylor swift, wearing a shirt that i adore, and i can buy, ill try to get it. i like to put my own twit on the look she had though, you know, try to make it my own. i think i try to be origional as hard, if not harder, then the others who are trying to get the spot

9.Describe your dream wardrobe…. J. Crew, i love their clothing, its preppy and some pieces are girly and fun! A lot of blazers and sweaters and fun skirts and dresses. i also love Mod Cloth. There stuff in new, and fresh, but also vintage. not since im not in high school yet i really have no need for heels. id love some heels and flats (ballet and oxfords) but i dont need alot, i love to mix and match and try new things. 
10.Anything else . . . i love lace and florals. im trying to find ways to work "neon" colors into my outfits but i love love LOVE bright colors!
By the way, Best of luck to the rest of the contestants! You all deserve this spot too so id like to with u all good luck!
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