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My last set of 2012, obvs. Man this year was a total roller coaster. From February 14-August 18 were the happiest days of my entire life. And now my days are just depressing. But things are slowly getting better. I had A LOT of firsts. Three jobs. 2 different hair colors. The most amazing boyfriend I could ever possibly dream of. Then the worst heartbreak of my life and that amazing boyfriend turned into a lying betraying assshole. I graduated high school with passing all of my classes. I started college. Lost weight and got healthier. Changed my perspective on a lot of things. I went to NYC for the first time and met my online friend Lindsey. Just a lot of things happened this year. I'm hoping next year will be better, or at least I'll FEEL better and not even be so sad all the time. I want to make new friends and actually have a best friend. I want a new job. I want to do better in college. I don't and will not date because guys are terrible creatures (at least when it comes to dating) and nothing can convince me, at least not right now in my stage of life, otherwise.
This outfit is what I WISH I was wearing and to a party with friends but no I'll be spending New Years as a cat all by myself in my room blogging and watching MSNBC. I just went to the store and bought a bunch of junk food to munch on to make myself feel better about being alone. This is not at all how I thought I would be celebrating the New Year. At least I'll have my parents to talk to.
So I hope everyone has a nice New Year and be safe!
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