With the 50th Anniversary of President John F Kennedy's Assassination coming up on November 22nd, it has caused Me to feel Very Thankful, Grateful and Blessed for TODAY! Yes, we've bought our Turkeys and Fixins and some of us have already began preparations on portions of Our Thanksgiving Day Feast... But let Us not forget, We Need to Live Each Day as if it is Our Last for Tomorrow Is Not Promised! Be BLESSED and Have a Wonderful Sunday!!!
In reading an article yesterday, it stated, "Most who would Remember this Day were already Dead..." Why did that Baffle me?! As a Mathematician, I know it is True based simply on Adding, Subtracting and the Process of Elimination... Though I was only 3 and a half at the time, it was one of My First Memories (the other was My Dad's leg being amputated). Before I thought about it, My first reaction was "Damn, I'm Old!" 

However after reading the article and watching "Killing Kennedy" (the Movie starring Rob Lowe), I Soon realized how Blessed I was and Am to Still be Here.
In addition, I knew that John jr (RIP) and I were born the same year, yet I've never really know his birthday. In the movie, when JFK (RIP) asked Jackie (RIP) to accompany him to Houston, she mentioned as long as they would return by the 25th to Celebrate John's 3rd Birthday.
 That lead me to thinking they were also planning a Big White House Thanksgiving Gala that would fall on the 28th.... Yet due to a Murderous Plot only one walked off the Plane on Friday the 22nd of November and the Former Commander and Chief - John Fitzgerald Kennedy was laid to Rest on Monday November 25, 1963 on Johnjohn's 3rd Birthday.
 I can't even Imagine how First Lady Jacqueline handled this with such Grace, Class & Dignity... even wearing the Blood-stained Pink Suit for over 24hrs. stating, "I want them to see what they did to Jack!"
By Texas law, the President's body could not legally be removed from the hospital before an autopsy had been performed. This caused a brief scuffle between Dallas officials and members of the President's security detail. The impasse ended when Secret Service agents put the officials against the wall at gunpoint.
A few minutes after 2:00 p.m. CST (20:00 UTC), President Kennedy's body was taken from Parkland Hospital and driven to Air Force One. The casket was then loaded aboard the airplane through the rear door, where it remained at the rear of the passenger compartment, in place of a removed row of seats. The body was removed before a forensic examination could be conducted by the Dallas County Coroner Earl Rose, who had jurisdiction. At that time, it was not a federal offense to kill the President of the United States, although it was a federal crime to conspire to injure a federal officer while he was acting in the line of duty. Vice-President Lyndon B. Johnson, who became President upon President Kennedy's death, and had been riding two cars behind President Kennedy in the motorcade, refused to leave for Washington without President Kennedy and his widow.
At 2:38 p.m. CST (20:38 UTC), Vice-President Johnson took the oath of office on board Air Force One just before it departed from Love Field, with Jacqueline Kennedy at his side.
Please read more on the details of the Assassination and others wounded @: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_F._Kennedy_assassination
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