If you are feeling sad or down about Valentine's Day because you don't have a guy in your life then watch this video:


Omg, Peniel from BtoB is a sneaky guy who is just climbing up my bias list and ruining it all with his awkward, adorable self! :D 

Yet, he is so underrated in BtoB (reminds me exactly of Sunyeol in Infinite, he barely had any lines either -.-) 

Have you guys seen his blogs yet? I watched the first one when it came out and thought it was a great idea that since he didn't get a lot of screen time to let him have his own vlog from the company. 

So here is the first one [the christmas edition]:

But the second one! His Valentine Day edition had me cracking up so badly XD He would make such a great youtube star. 

I recommend you girls to check out this video if you have not done so already!

Vlog #2:

Also, my favorite part of the whole video was that it was all obvious playing up on the whole "Penjae" couple (Peniel + Sungjae) which is the popular shipping in the group, since they basically declared it themselves before even the fangirls started up with it. 

And Sungjae looks adorable with a bow! And his "woman" sign...Daebak! :) 

Hope everyone has a good day!
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