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I know that Valentine’s day can be a bit of a touchy subject for some of you (like myself) who may feel alone, but I encourage you all to spend this Valentine’s day treating yourself. Buy yourself fancy chocolate! Drink champagne in a bubble bath! Marathon your favorite movies and cook yourself a fantastic dinner! Do something to celebrate you, because you deserve it. Take today to challenge the idea that you are only 50% of a person until you find your “other half”. Romantic love is not the only love that matters. Spend today loving yourself. (*ノ・ω・)ノ ♡

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Stay gold,(・ω・)ノ

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skirt: http://us.shein.com/Blue-Pockets-Ripped-Denim-Skirt-p-209921-cat-1732.html?utm_source=polyvore&utm_medium=set&url_from=alienbabs.

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