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Asian April Challenge:

13. Outside

I'm currently watching drama 'You're the Best Lee Sun Shin and it's actually quite enjoyable.

Yoo Inna is great as annoying older sister you want to punch in face:P

What I appreciate in movies/dramas is their ability to add so much to a story by 'motion picture';

story and plot is something that book has, movie has pictures - and moving pictures to be exact - and I love when directors are using it.

In this drama SPOILER surprise surprise /this is so common that I don;t think I'm spoiling anything right now/ someone is hit by a car [while passing a street, of course, on zebra, of course, and I can bet there was even green light - but in Korea it's not safe to cross street].

And while this happens in so many dramas, there was something special in this one.

From the beginning of the episode I knew something would happen to that character; why?

because of the picture. The character was filmed standing next to big black wall with some pointing things - that where pointing at the character in some aggressive way; the character looked like if he would be attack in any minute - looked like if he was in danger.

In next scenes you could save him being filmed in open gate from some parking - again the gate was dark and much bigger than character, and again there was something dangerous in the background. At that point you knew he was going to be hit by a car - while he was standing in that open gate you just waited for a car to stormed out and hit him.

I really like that - though I was already sad because I liked that character and I knew it was just a matter of time to see him being hit by a car.

Actually I think that was a very unnecessary plot twist, just to add more drama and let actors show their ability to cry -.- but that's different story.

I just wanted to praise this drama for clever usage of elements of background to build pictures:)

BTW, this drama has 50 episodes and I really need something shorter and without any car accidents; any suggestions?
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