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  • Haridra
  • Haridra Baby Doll Earrings
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    Haridra Baby Doll Earrings
    Show off your cute and girly style with these Baby Doll earrings. The large, faceted smoky topaz stone sits beautifully in the center, with a lining of gorgeous diamonds. A ribbon of diamonds ties at the top of the earring making these adorable earrings true to their name.
  • Haridra Carter Earrings
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    Haridra Carter Earrings
    Take hold of this fierce and bold look. The Carter multifold earrings have a striking design from the wavy lobes that extend at different lengths. Brown diamonds dazzle all over each lobe and down the middle. These look best when worn with a bare neck to showcase the beauty of the earrings.
  • Haridra Eliza Ring
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    Haridra Eliza Ring
    The Eliza ring is chock-full of glittering brown diamonds. The long, flat, ovular shape makes this ring easy to wear anywhere. Pair this ring with bright or neutral colors so the glitz can really pop!
  • Haridra Olya Scorpion Necklace
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    Haridra Olya Scorpion Necklace
    The snappy Olya Scorpion necklace is surely rad. If your zodiac sign is Scorpio, then this necklace was created with you in mind. Even if you just like scorpions, you can rock this out too. Diamonds dazzle all throughout the body and stinger of this scorpion pendant for an extra feminine charm. Three legs curve outward while the two claws meet at the top.
  • Haridra Bone Lucius Snake Necklace
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    Haridra Bone Lucius Snake Necklace
    The Lucius snake necklace gives a twist to modern jewelry, literally! The slithering snake in the classic bone stone has a snake skin texture. Diamonds sparkle all over each curve on the snake pendant. Hanging boldly in the center of your neck, this Lucius necklace will surely spark conversation.
  • Haridra Pearl Spader Ring
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    Haridra Pearl Spader Ring
    The Spader ring will sweep you off your feet. The sparkling swirls are adorned in exquisitely placed diamonds. The pearl in the center even has a ring of diamonds around it. The radiance in this ring bounces off walls.
  • Haridra Wood Slithering Snake Necklace
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    Haridra Wood Slithering Snake Necklace
    Whip out a new presentation to modern jewelry. The wood Slithering Snake necklace has ought to be a perfect blend of boho and modern style. The textured wood material on the edgy snake pendant gives off an eclectic feel that you will want to show off with only your best ensembles. The shiny, ruby eyes look super daredevil. Diamonds wrap all around the snake pendant for extra detail and shine.
  • Haridra Horn and Wishbone and Arrow Necklace
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    Haridra Horn and Wishbone and Arrow Necklace
    Let this necklace be your little lucky charm. The Horn and Wishbone and Arrow necklace looks absolutely adorable with the combination of all three charms. Each charm is filled with glittering diamonds that give it that extra radiance that we love so much!
  • Haridra Chelle Crab Necklace
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    Haridra Chelle Crab Necklace
    The Chelle Crab necklace is definitely one sparkly creature. The crab, most widely recognized as the sign for the Cancer zodiac, is decorated with dozens of diamonds on the dainty silver chain. The claws fan out from top to bottom. This piece looks gorgeous hanging from the center of your neck.
  • Haridra Diamond Centipede Earrings
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    Haridra Diamond Centipede Earrings
    These creepy crawlers look so cute dangling from your ears. The diamond Centipede earrings give a twist to modern jewelry. The body is adorned in shiny diamonds with pink stone eyes. The short, pointed legs are what will surely spark conversation when wearing these beauties.
  • Haridra Vortex Ring
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    Haridra Vortex Ring
    The Vortex ring is a must-have for anybody who enjoys intricate accessories. The Vortex ring has two circles studded in diamonds that connect to a pretty oval shape. The diamonds glitz brightly with even the smallest motions.
  • Haridra Cappricio Earrings
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    Haridra Cappricio Earrings
    You will stun yourself and everyone around you when you wear these Cappricio earrings. A gorgeous ruby stands tall at the top of the stud, outlined by small, glitzy diamonds. The onyx earring has a classic victorian design and shape, with diamonds along the elegant swirls.
  • Haridra Sealand Star Dangle Earrings
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    Haridra Sealand Star Dangle Earrings
    Immerse yourself in the shiny star power of the Sealand star dangle earrings. A star stud shines brilliantly at the top while a large star dangles below. Flooding in gorgeous brown diamonds, these earrings are glitzy down to every point.
  • Haridra Snake and Skull and Crossbones Necklace
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    Haridra Snake and Skull and Crossbones Necklace
    Dive into a wicked look with the Snake and Skull and Crossbones necklace. The long slithering snake is decked out in dozens of diamonds with piercing ruby eyes. The skull and crossbones looks devilish yet chic with its flow of diamonds and creepy open eyes. Wear this necklace when you are feeling down right striking!
  • Haridra Ramona Ring
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    Haridra Ramona Ring
    Small yet fearless, don't mistake the Ramona ring for a newbie. This ring is packed with details and designs that will leave your jaw on the floor. A large diamond sits high in the center surrounded by a mixture of textures and designs. Leaf designs cascade down each side of the ring for a fine taste.
  • Haridra Jade Balan Elephant Necklace
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    Haridra Jade Balan Elephant Necklace
    The lovely jade Balan Elephant necklace is definitely a unique bundle of beauty. This necklace features a happy elephant pendant in a gorgeous jade stone. Diamonds dance all around the pendant to infuse glitz into this enchanting elephant necklace.
  • Haridra Bone Tamsin Skull Necklace
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    Haridra Bone Tamsin Skull Necklace
    Get a funky, new look with the bone Tamsin skull necklace. A skull in bone stone has eyes made of diamonds and a lining of shiny, brown diamonds. This unique skull pendant looks chic when hanging around your neck because of its one-of-a-kind designs.
  • Haridra Bone Mina Leaf Necklace
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    Haridra Bone Mina Leaf Necklace
    Be one with nature with the bone Mina leaf necklace, but don't forget the diamonds! The gorgeous bone leaf is lined with glamorous diamonds for a splash of sparkle.
  • Haridra Twin Fish Necklace
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    Haridra Twin Fish Necklace
    Two fish lie head to tail on this Twin Fish necklace. Popularly known as the sign of Pisces, these fish represent good-nature and imagination. The fish charm is decorated with dozens of diamonds and ruby eyes. This necklace can be worn everyday as a good luck charm!
  • Haridra Gold Kivida Stud Earrings
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    Haridra Gold Kivida Stud Earrings
    Ditch the plain, old, boring studs. Get a hold of the gold Kivida stud earrings. The modern twists on these earrings give them that extra pump. The diamond in the center complements the black tribal design that rings around it.
  • Haridra Fabiana Earrings
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    Haridra Fabiana Earrings
    Don't just feel nice, look nice! With the Fabiana earrings, your beauty will be multiplied. These statement earrings are absolutely stunning. The intricate waves in the structure of the earrings give it an elegant taste. The diamonds on each wave call for sparkle that will enter the room before you do. A cluster of diamonds collects in a marquis shape in the center.
  • Haridra Sisco Diamond Hoops
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    Haridra Sisco Diamond Hoops
    Get with the cool, new look of the Sisco diamond hoops. The open design in the back gives these hoops a timeless feel. Every inch is studded with shining diamonds that beam at every angle. These earrings have a post back for pierced ears.
  • Haridra Cato Ring
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    Haridra Cato Ring
    The intricate detailing in this ring cannot be overlooked. This ring is filled with hundreds of diamonds that swirl and connect all over this ring. The oval shape is is modern and sophisticated; perfect for a special evening.
  • Haridra Jala Web Necklace
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    Haridra Jala Web Necklace
    Dabble into something new. The Jala web necklace isn't your ordinary pendant. This necklace has outstanding shine with its numerous diamonds precisely placed all over. The web is a perfect circle of diamonds with a diamond studded swirl on the inside. Wear this necklace in your own special way. It surely won't disappoint.
  • Haridra Rallodia Ring
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    Haridra Rallodia Ring
    Dare to be different in this Rallodia ring. This stunning ring is dramatic for a reason. Shining in hundreds of diamonds, this ring is royal and timeless. It decorates the finger with its bold and antique structure. Large diamonds fall through the center and sit on both sides.
  • Haridra Moonstone Phaedra Ring
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    Haridra Moonstone Phaedra Ring
    Glow like the moon with this Phaedra ring. The beautiful, shimmering moonstone sits in the center with its smooth feel and inner marbled look. Diamonds line the moonstone and the sides of the ring for a dazzling look.
  • Haridra Themis Necklace
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    Haridra Themis Necklace
    The Themis necklace is populary known as the sign for Libras. Holding the ever popular scale of justice, the Themis necklace represents balance and peacefulness. The diamonds make it pop for a girly style that can be worn every single day. You can give this necklace as a gift or wear it yourself and feel the earthly balance it exudes.
  • Haridra Turquoise Gabrielle Earrings
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    Haridra Turquoise Gabrielle Earrings
    Play up your imagination with the turquoise Gabrielle earrings. A swirly cluster of diamonds gorgeously decorates the top of the earrings. The smooth, teardrop turquoise stone has a rim of sparkling diamonds around it. Three diamond arrows point out from the side for a classy touch.
  • Haridra Fantasia Stud Earrings
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    Haridra Fantasia Stud Earrings
    Peep a new style with these Fantasia stud earrings. The rounded shape of the studs gives it an earthy feel. Dozens of diamonds dazzle all over the top for a globe of glam.
  • Haridra Juliet Ring
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    Haridra Juliet Ring
    Let's talk statements! This Juliet ring is flawlessly designed. Seven diamonds fall down the center with two on the side. Diamonds flow all throughout the rest of the ring in each of the swirls, dips, and curves. Just over 3 inches in length, your whole finger will be the belle of the ball.
  • Haridra Lemon Topaz Talavane Ring
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    Haridra Lemon Topaz Talavane Ring
    With the lemon topaz Talavane ring on your finger, it is impossible to miss a beat. The lemon topaz stone is absolutely captivating with its yellow green tone. Two rows of diamonds run around the stone and along the sides of the ring.
  • Haridra Bone Rani Starfish Necklace
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    Haridra Bone Rani Starfish Necklace
    Feel the love of the ocean in the bone Rani Starfish necklace. The textures and details in the bone stone make it look as if you are wearing a real starfish around your neck. The diamonds around the starfish add a tasteful touch of glimmer, just like the ocean water.
  • Haridra Danaila Ring
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    Haridra Danaila Ring
    The starburst design of this Danaila ring is one-of-a-kind. Brown diamonds beam from the rays of the star. This ring is perfect to wear anywhere and everywhere because it can be seen, but it does not overpower.
  • Haridra Mudra and Balan Elephant Necklace
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    Haridra Mudra and Balan Elephant Necklace
    The Mudra and Balan Elephant necklace combines two elements of spirituality. The elephant symbolizes intelligence and power while the mudra is a classic spiritual gesture. The diamonds charm all over the mudra and elephant pendants with stunning ruby eyes on the elephant.
  • Haridra Bone Hara Buddha Necklace
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    Haridra Bone Hara Buddha Necklace
    The bone Hara Buddha necklace offers a sweet side to jewelry. The happy Buddha in the pretty bone stone hangs beautifully from the center of your neck with precise detailing and textures. A small ruby stone sits in the middle of the face of the Buddha. A diamond studded blanket lies over its head for added glimmer.
  • Haridra Evanae Ear Cuffs
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    Haridra Evanae Ear Cuffs
    Find bliss in the joyful designs of the Evanae ear cuffs. They swirl along the ear in such a tasteful way. Diamonds dance all across these ear cuffs as they dip and curve in all the right places. The stud at the bottom has a ball of diamonds with small diamond teardrops that fall off the edges.
  • Haridra Hanita Butterfly and Starfish Necklace
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    Haridra Hanita Butterfly and Starfish Necklace
    Get lost in the majestic vibes of the Hanita butterfly and starfish necklace. An enchanting butterfly and starfish charm sit side by side on the dainty silver chain. Decked out in diamonds, both charms sparkle as a pretty little unit.
  • Haridra Moon Star Horseshoe Necklace
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    Haridra Moon Star Horseshoe Necklace
    Be one with the celestial look of the Moon Star Horseshoe necklace. The diamond moon, star, and horseshoe pendants combine elements of the charming night sky and pure luck. This necklace is the perfect choice for an everyday accessory for yourself or someone special.
  • Haridra Oval Karolyne Earrings
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    Haridra Oval Karolyne Earrings
    Dazzle your days in the oval Karolyne earrings. A small oval located at the top is sprinkled with dozens of sparkling diamonds. A larger oval dripping in diamonds, drops below it for a sophisticated and stylish look. These earrings have gorgeous motion along with the shiny diamonds that twinkle in the light.
  • Haridra Cecily Ring
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    Haridra Cecily Ring
    Need a cute, stackable ring The Cecily ring is your best bet! A sterling silver band is set between two bands of 18k gold. Brown diamonds sparkle all over the sterling silver band. The Cecily ring is simple and feminine for anyone to love.
  • Haridra Leya Strength Necklace
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    Haridra Leya Strength Necklace
    A simple anchor and fleur-de-Lis charm brightens up the Leya Strength necklace. The anchor and fleur-de-Lis symbols are very popular symbols amongst many cultures. Together they represent strength in this necklace with diamonds studded all over. Give this as a gift to someone special or wear it yourself for a beautiful, confident look.
  • Haridra Taliyah Stud Earrings
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    Haridra Taliyah Stud Earrings
    What a perfect stud to dress up or dress down! The Taliyah stud earrings have a flat plate that is decorated with tons of glittering brown diamonds. The versatility in these earrings allows you to wear them day and night, casual or formal.
  • Haridra Diamond Tula Bracelet
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    Haridra Diamond Tula Bracelet
    The diamond Tula bracelet has link chains that are faceted to perfection. In the center, one chain is filled with bright and shiny diamonds. The clasp has diamonds and gold accents against the sterling silver bracelet. Such a cute combination!
  • Haridra Onyx Samir Stud Earrings
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    Haridra Onyx Samir Stud Earrings
    Make your look a little more interesting with these onyx Samir stud earrings. A pretty, faceted onyx stone sits in the center of the studs with an exquisite glow. Mini diamonds surround the studs for an irresistible shine.
  • Haridra Amethyst Adelaide Ring
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    Haridra Amethyst Adelaide Ring
    If you want to feel like a princess, the amethyst Adelaide ring is for you. This ring has an exquisite amethyst stone, faceted to perfection. Diamonds run along the edges of the amethyst stone. The swirls on the base of the ring complement the royal feel effortlessly.
  • Haridra Villa Duit Drop Earrings
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    Haridra Villa Duit Drop Earrings
    Release your inner diva with the Villa Duit drop earrings. Dripping in diamonds and intricate swirls, these earrings are definitely a show stopper. The turquoise stone in the center is the prettiest finishing touch to this stunning pair of earrings.
  • Haridra Ellie Ring
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    Haridra Ellie Ring
    The Ellie ring is the cutest little ring to stack up or wear alone. A pretty gold band runs through the center of two sterling silver bands. Brown diamonds dazzle all across the sterling silver bands for a sparkly, girly look.
  • Haridra Stella Ring
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    Haridra Stella Ring
    The Stella ring is cute and petite. The Stella ring is a thin eternity ring that can be worn everyday. Diamonds run all along the ring with a shine so tasteful. The sterling silver makes for a great piece to stack and mix up.
  • Haridra Bone Svetlana Snake Necklace
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    Haridra Bone Svetlana Snake Necklace
    Why own a snake when you can wear one The bone Svetlana Snake necklace offers a glamorous cross between modern and exotic jewelry. The bone snake pendant has textures just like that of a real slithering creature. Diamonds radiate around the edges to brighten the necklace up with a charming touch.
  • Haridra Diamond Disk Earrings
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    Haridra Diamond Disk Earrings
    Glam overload! These diamond disk earrings are packed with diamonds. One small disk shape stands as the stud earring. A larger disk drops from the stud and takes over the show with its collection of sparkling diamonds. These earrings are fabulous to wear for a special night.
  • Haridra Pinnatisect Multifold Earrings
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    Haridra Pinnatisect Multifold Earrings
    The Pinnatisect multifold earrings are stunning in every sense of the word. The pinnate leaves angle downwards with a spine of gorgeous diamonds. Diamonds are spread all across each lobe including the pretty leaf shaped stud at the top. These earrings are the perfect choice for a formal night.
  • Haridra Evil Eye Pania Necklace
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    Haridra Evil Eye Pania Necklace
    Tap into your evil side with the Evil Eye Pania necklace. An evil eye charm and rectangular charm hang off the necklace and shine with ease. The charms are diamond filled with blue diamonds in the center of the eye. This necklace is delicate enough to be worn everyday.
  • Haridra Danaila and Hoshi Necklace
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    Haridra Danaila and Hoshi Necklace
    The Danaila and Hoshi necklace is simply gorgeous. The star design of the danaila charm and the ringed design of the hoshi charm is bursting with pretty diamonds. Together, this pendant duo looks like a modern twist on the sun and star.
  • Haridra Bone Mudra Necklace
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    Haridra Bone Mudra Necklace
    The bone Mudra Necklace is a great spiritual piece to hold close to your heart. The mudra hand symbol is carved in the pretty bone stone. The swirl in the center is filled with diamonds. The hand has a pretty lining of diamonds as well. The sparkles on this mudra necklace look gorgeous against the white stone.
  • Haridra Savita Love and Peace Necklace
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    Haridra Savita Love and Peace Necklace
    Love, peace, and ohm! The Savita Love and Peace necklace creates such a lovely and soulful feel for a necklace. The diamonds sparkle on all three charms with ease. Give this necklace to someone you love or keep it for yourself for a charming little gift to wear everyday.
  • Haridra Kirsi Necklace
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    Haridra Kirsi Necklace
    Indulge in the diamond designs of the sapphire Kirsi necklace. The face of Buddha is diamond studded and detailed to perfection. A gorgeous sapphire stone sits in the middle with a pretty midnight glow. This pendant hangs close to your heart, exactly where it should be. Make the Kirsi necklace your new everyday accessory!
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