Ahh! Today was OKAY. Sometimes my clumsiness gets the best of me. I had an Algebra test which was easy enough; math is one of my best subjects. I also received a 98 on my Lincoln paper (-2 points because of formatting errors! grr.) and a 100 on my Chemistry test. :/ In English, I bumped a pile on papers by accident and all of the papers went flying everywhere =_= it was so embarrassing! During lunch, I didn't feel like eating, so I listened to my iPod. Then after-school I went to cheer for my school's Cross Country team. We won :> But I almost delayed a couple of runners because I walked into their path by accident. This director started yelling at me and my science teacher (sports coach) got upset =_= Ahh, why am I so clumsy? But anyways, it was fun! Afterwards I bought lots of candy and my friends (mostly a bunch of 8th graders I've known since forever) and I ate chocolate M&Ms and Reeces while watching the award ceremony. 

This weekend, I have 3 papers to type, an entrance exam to study for, and an U.S. History exam. Gahh. Also, it'll be Halloween soon! I'm going as a cat, LOL. I was thinking of "trolling" a friend's (Ethan's) house with one of my friends Sola. Orrrr, I was thinking of going to Salem with my friends. I've been to Salem during the night with my parents, and it is pretty eerie even though we were at the town center.

Anyways. School clubs have been going well. I got a new flute, LOL. It's awesome. I also joined the History Society, a new club. IT'S SO AWESOME. We're organizing a gallery for a school reunion (our school is VERY historical and circa 1880, and near other touristy historical sights). My History teacher has actually started a book about our school, LOL!
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