Harrods Oliver Bear
  • Tender Teddy the Gold Plush Teddy Bear by Douglas at Stuffed Safari
    In keeping with traditional style, Douglas has created a timeless classic in Tender Teddy the Gold Plush Teddy Bear. A longtime favorite stuffed animal for kids of all ages, this twelve inch plush teddy bear is a cuddly, soft gold color with a purple
  • Harrods Ethan Bear
    The Ethan bear from Harrods is enchantingly soft and extra cuddly. His friendly, familiar face is sure to provide comfort whether at home or away.
  • Big Bear Hug Bear the Tan Teddy Bear by Aurora at Stuffed Safari
    Big Bear Hug Bear the Tan Teddy Bear by Aurora learned to give bear hugs from the great Hillbilly Jim, so you know this teddy bear can hug. Our big plush teddy bear won't hug you into submission but will give you all the hugs that you can take.
  • Fuddlewuddle Lion
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    Buy Fuddlewuddle Lion online from the official Jellycat.com store. Free UK and International delivery on all orders over £30. Shop from our full range of Jellycat toys. Explore all the quirky cuteness from the creators of the softest toys you have ever hugged.
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