Hi. If you're reading this, just know that all your followers admire you, being or not the real Harry Styles. 
You've said you've done a lot of mistakes, but that's the life about. we're not perfect, we screw things up, we hurt people and, sometimes, they hurt us back. every mistake is a lesson, you know? we live with scars at the same time others wear the scars we gave them. but we admire you, we are here to help you cause we understand you won't do every single thing right. it's like a cycle; we hurt them, they hurt us back, we screw things up as well as they do. it hurts to see friends feeling pain, so i want to do my most to make you feel better. i want you to know that the people that you say you've hurt will forgive you, because the've got got a heart and you have a special place on them, okay? tell me if there is somefing i can do to help you. i also wanted to thank you. the day you sent me the video of cheese, i was about cutting, i was crying and i was thinking of suicide. thanks for helping me. that's why i'm doing this. thank you and cheer up! they'll forgive you cause' they still love you (:

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