You throw your school bag under the desk and slouch into your chair. It's the first day back at school and you're already dreading the year ahead. The classroom slowly begins to fill as more and more students filter into the room. You slouch further into your chair and try and blank out everything and everyone around you. 
The first bell of the school year rings just as your teacher enters the room. "Morning everyone, hope everyone had a great summer." You sigh, remembering all the great things you did over the summer; days at the beach, BBQ's, shopping with friends. You place your elbows on the table and rest your chin on your hands. Your teacher calls your name as he takes the register and you answer with little enthusiasm. What's there to be happy about, you think to yourself? Homework, tests, P.E? You let out another sigh at the thought. Just then there's a knock at the classroom door. Your teacher gets up from his desk and heads over to the door. He turns the door handle and pulls open the door. "Oh you must be... Harry? Harry Styles?" You look over at the door. Your heart skips a beat as he walks into the room. He's wearing tight black skinny jeans, ripped at the knees, a white t-shirt and black boots, with a black backpack slung casually over his shoulder. 
"This is Harry" your teacher says, "he's just moved here from another school so I want you all to make him feel welcome" Your eyes are still fixed on him as he runs a hand through his perfectly quiffed curly hair. "Harry take a seat at the back there, Y/N will help you if you need anything" 
Harry begins to walk towards your desk. As he passes you, he gives you a cheeky wink and your heart starts beating at 100 miles an hour. Harry slips into the desk next to you. You can't help sneaking a glance at him. As you discretely turn towards him, you catch him glances at you and he smiles the most perfect smile. It takes all your energy to keep yourself from falling off your chair but you just find enough energy to manage a smile back. TO BE CONTINUED! Let me know what you think in the comments :) 
(Y/N = your name)
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Wrote 11 months ago
Love it 😍😍

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I like it.

Wrote two years ago
@andreanicgg thank you :) x


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