You and your boyfriend Harry decide to paint your flat. You have lots of different colors for you to use. You are painting when Harry says, "Hey babe, look!". You turn around only to have Harry put some pink paint on your cheek. "Harry!" you yelled, laughing. He looks at you, smiles his dimpled smile, and says, " Pink is definitely your color,". You playfully roll your eyes when you suddenly get an idea and smirk. He looks at you with a confused expression until he sees you reach out for your paint brush. You both start to chase each other with your paint brushes until you are both covered in different colored paints. Harry sees that your lips have been painted blue. He smirks and goes over to you, putting his arms around your waist, and says "Wanna make purple?". You are confused for a second until you see that his lips are red so you nod saying yes. He kisses you passionately and mumbles against your lips saying "I love you (Y/N), forever and always,".

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