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Ugh it's freezing outside im suprised my hands aren't blue from the cold, only 10 minutes left till I can go home and chill with Harry though. Ahh Harry, I can't wait to see his cute dimpled face again, he said he said he would pick me up today as he didn't want me walking home in the freezing weather, he was so protective. Just then the bell inturiped my thoughts and everyone in the class stood up and rushed out the class, as I gathered my stuff and I walked down the stairs and walked out into the school grounds and looked for Harry's car. I seen his curly hair and tall body leaning against his car and one of his big hands waving me over.
"Hey", I shouted as I ran to Harry and hugged him.
"Hey babe how was uni today? huh?", Harry asked kissing my lips with his thick cold ones.
"Great, but i'm freezing", I laughed as I got in the passenger seat. 
"Well how about we head to Starbucks and get some tea or coffee to warm us up", Harry suggested while getting in the car.
"Sure", I said as Harry smilied and drove off to the nearest Starbucks.
Once we got there Harry took of his jacket and wrapped it around me, while leading me into the cafe. I sat down at a small table for 2 as Harry ordered our drinks. Suddenly after 2 minutes Harry came back with our drinks.
"Here you go babe", Harry said giving me my coffee.
"Thanks", I said smiling at him.
Once we had drunk our coffe we decided to head back in the car.
"So where to now?", Harry asked.
"I thought we were just going to go home and chill", I asked confused.
"Well I had another thing in mind babe", Harrry said with one of his famous smirks.
"Go on then", I said smiling.
"You know that little lake place just down the road? well I thought we could go for a swim", Harry said smiling, as I crinkled my eyebrows in confusion.
"But Harry it's freezing we will get a cold and be sick, and we can't get sick now not with my uni work and your recording all this week", I said.
"Come on I used to do it with the boys and we never got sick, and come on it will be fun, come on babe live a little, YOLO and all that", Harry said laughing.
"Ughh your just too cute to say no too", I laughed as Harry swung his hands in the air and hugged me
"Yeahhh, it will be so much fun", Harry said smiling and drove off.
Once we got there me and Harry got out the car as Harry took off his jumper, t-shirt, trousers and socks. He stood there and looked at me in his boxers. 
"Come on your turn", he shouted over to me.
"Fine", I said as I took of Harrys jacket and my shoes. "There", I said, standing all my clothes.
"Your clothes will get wet", Harry said.
"So", I said and took Harry's hand as we both jumped in.
"Ahhh", me and Harry screamed.
"It's freezing in here", Harry squealed like a girl.
"I know I told you it would be", I said slightly annoyed.
After Harry helplessly trying to swim and get warm he gave up and helped me out the lake as he used his dry t-shirt to try me off as we were both now 10x more freezing and cold.
"Lets go home now before we freeze to death", Harry said hugging me all the way to his car. 
Once we got to Harry's house we had something to eat and watched some T.V. Afetr that it was getting late and dark so I decided to phone my parents to pick me up and take me home. Once my parents arrived I quickly said goodbye to Harry and gave him a kiss then my parents drove me home. 
In the moring I was woken up by my 7am alarm, it was time for uni but my throat,nose, head and my stomache was killing me. I got up and went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, I seen my nose was red. Ughh I feel sooo bad ugh I must have the cold, I thought as I quickly got dressed and ready and walked down the stairs to meet my parents. 
"Oh dear", my mum said coming over to me and feeling my cheeks for a temputer.
"I have the cold and I really don't feel well mum, I think i'll stay of uni today", I said.
"I think that's a good idea", my mum said walking over to the kettle. "I'll make you some tea now sit down", she said making my tea.
"Mum it's fine I think i'm going to Harry's, he might have a cold too", I said and got my jacket on.
"But your ill".
"I'll be fine I promise", I said kissing her cheek and drove off to Harry's.
Once I got there I rung the door bell and waited for an answer, suddenly I heard feet walking to the door and unlock the door as it swung open.
"You have the cold too then? huh?", I said to Harry as I noticed a tissue in his hand and he was wrapped up in his bed covers.
"Yeah come on in", Harry said and shut the door behind us. As we both walked into the living room me and Harry lay together in his bed covers.
"This is your fault you know", I laughed remembering how he said it "would be fun" to swim in a cold lake in cold weather.
"Yeah, but atleast this way we don't have to work and we can just be together", he said and kissing my cheek while he was being the big spoon. 
"Yeah, I know lets watch Love Actually it's our favourite movie", I said as I walked over to the DVD player and switched the DVD in.
"Yeah I love that movie", Harry said as I jumped back into Harry's arms.
For the rest of the day me and Harry cuddled on the sofa while watching our favourite movies. 

Sorry if it's bad and sorry I took so long to do it x
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