Harry Imagine For @a-n-n-a13 

"Oh, gosh." I grumbled as rain started pouring down around and on me. 
"Here, let me help you." Said a deep, husky voice from next to me, and the water stopped falling on me, soaking my long hair. 
"Gosh, thank you!" I said, looking over at the boy holding the umbrella over my head. He had curly, slightly damp brown hair, big, brilliant green eyes and and an adorable little freckle on his cheek. He smiled, showing off irresistible dimples and perfect white teeth.
"It's no problem! I'm Harry, by the way." He said, smiling again. 
"My names Anna." I told him as we stepped under the awning of a store. 
"Nice to meet you, Anna." I watched as he pulled something out of the back pocket of his skinnies. "Could I, maybe, have your number?" He asked, hope in his eyes. 
"Sure!" I typed in my name and number after handing him my phone, letting him type in his. "I'll see you around!" I said, and ran for my car. 

*three years later*

Ring! Ring! 
I picked up my phone, seeing Harry, my boyfriends, picture and and slid the green answer bar. 
"Hey, Harry! What's up?" I answered, turning the volume on my TV down. 
"Anna! Hey!! Are you busy right now?" He asked. 
"No, just watching Full House, why?" I asked, carefully adjusting one of the pins in my hair. 
"Great, uhm, can you meet me down at the beach?" He asked, and I stood up, letting the soft blanket that was on my lap fall to the floor. 
"Yeah, I'll be right there." I said, and hung up. 

I got out of my gold Honda, walked over to the drop off overlooking the beach, and my heart about stopped. On the sand below me, visible in the summer darkness, spelled out in little candles, were the words 'Marry Me?'. Behind the glowing words, Harry knelt in the sand, holding a diamond ring that glinted off of the setting sun which was turning the water behind him orange. 
"Yes!" I shrieked, sprinting down the path to Harry, leaping over the candles and onto him. "Yes." I breathed into his ear. 
"I love you." He breathed back, pulling away and sliding the ring onto my finger. 
"I love you too." I said, admiring the ring. "Lets go back to my flat." 


@a-n-n-a13 I know that you didn't ask for the beginning part, but it was really short and I wanted to make it less short... I hope it's okay!! 

-Katie xx (: <3 

Les Balises (: 
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