This Imagine is for Shreya ♥ 

Harry pushed through the sweaty people that were dancing to the beat of the music, to arrive at the bar. It was really warm and sticky
thanks to all the people that came here tonight. You were out clubbing with the boys and girls. Although you wanted to go to 
another club Harry managed to persuade you to come with him to this one. All of your friends said it was a really run-down area
here, that was one of the reasons why you didn't want to come here. Whatsoever Harry pleaded and whined until you agreed. 
Harry pulled on your hand still holding it tightly to not lose you. Suddenly a sme'lly fa't man bumped into you catching your eye.
He looked disgusting with dark stains all over his shirt. You weren't quiet sure what it was, but you didn't want to know either. 
He shamelessly looked you up and down smirking. Before you could sla'p him Harry pulled you onwards. He didn't seem to notice
what happened just now. Well doesn't matter anyway. As you arrived at the bar the others were already sitting on their stools ordering their
first drinks. Harry sat down on the stool next to Perrie and pulled you onto his lap. He smiled at you and kissed your shoulder.
The dress you had on was strapless and allowed him to kiss down your back to your shoulder blade. You giggled and turned to him
running your hands through his curls. He grinned and lifted his hand to the bartender which immediately came and took Harry's 
order. He ordered a Strawberry Daiqui'ri for you and a shot for him since the others already had their drinks. Harry's large
hands rested on your hips holding you up on his lap so you wont slide down. 'Hey Shrey wanna go dancing?' Perrie asked you
smiling and stood up. Eleanor stood up too and wrapped her hands around Louis neck giving him a long kiss before turning back
to you and smiling. Danielle poked Liam's nose and then stood up too.
'Sure babes.' You slid off Harry's lap and turned to him kissing the corner of his mouth before going with the
girls. You stood in the middle of the dance floor swinging your hips to the beat. Perrie danced next to you while glancing 
seductively over to Zayn. He just smirked shaking his head. You decided to play a little game with Harry. You turned to him
and saw him dipping down his shot. He turned his head to you and the left corner of his moth lifted as you danced sexi'ly 
looking right at him. He leaned back onto the counter of the bar watching your every movement satisfied. You winked at him and 
then turned back to the girls which were laughing at some guy who tried to hit on Dani. The song ended and a new one immediately
started playing. Your favorite one. You squeaked and jumped up and down in your heels. The girls laughed and started dancing
again. As you glanced back to Harry he was turned towards Zayn laughing loudly. Instead you caught another gaze which was 
focused on you. It was the stranger you had bumped into before who eyed you up and down. He sat right next to Harry which didn't 
even notice him. You grimaced and looked away disgusted, but you still felt his eyes burning on your body. 'Whats wrong babe?' Danielle
asked you stepping to you and dancing next to you. 'Uh...nothing.' You answered giving her a flashy smile. You decided to just
ignore him. He would go away eventually. 'Who's coming with me to the washroom? I don't wanna go alone.' Eleanor said eyeing the
crowd. 'I need to go too.' Perrie said. 'Oh well i'm coming with you two.' You spoke up glad to escape the gaze of the stranger.
'Alright then i'm going back to Liam and the boys.' Danielle smiled at you before pushing through the people back to the bar.
You followed Perrie and El to the restrooms and went in with them. El went into one of the cabins and Perrie stood in front of the 
mirror opening her little clutch. She took out lip gloss and mascara and freshened up her make up.
'Oh my gosh did you girls see the news lately?' Perrie piped up while putting on another layer of mascara. 
'No not really. I have enough of these stupi'd media...' You mumbled rolling your eyes. 'I know right! It was on every channel last
week! They said I was using Zayn to get to one of the other boys! Why are they doing that?' Perrie sighed putting all her things 
back into her purse. El came out of the cabin and washed her hands. Come on the boys are surely already worried if we stay that long.' 
You said checking your reflection a last time before pushing the door open. The ground was buzzing under your feet from the loud music.
Swedish house ma'fia was playing. You made your way back onto the dance floor and stood together. As you looked over to the bar, Harry had 
his eyebrows furrowed and was scanning the crowd with his eyes. 'Ill be right back girls.' You told El and Perrie and then turned back to
walk over to the bar. You were halfway through the crowd and looked back to the girls smiling at them. As you turned back around you 
almost ran over a tall figure. Not only tall but also broad. 'Oh i'm sorry.' You mumbled looking down in embarrassment. You went to walk
around the person but someone gripped your wrist. 'What...' You turned around pulling at your wrist. 'What are you doing let go!' You
said loudly over the music. You looked up and saw, who else... the man from earlier. 'I dare you if you don't let go of my arm right now I-'
'You what?' He man slurred tightening his grip. He pulled you into him grabbing your bum. You gasped and reached up to slap him but he 
caught your hand forcing it back down. Why wasn't someone helping you? You frantically looked over to where the girls were. They were dancing
facing the other direction. You started hitting his fist that held your hand tightly. 'Let the heck go of me!' You squeaked a
little scared now. So this man was going to do what he wanted to you and nobody was going to notice it? 'Oh come on don't be such a bit ch.' 
The man growled pulling you tight to his chest. He went to grab your chest but you caught up with him and started hitting his leg
with your heel. 'Get off me!' You yelled trying to pull your wrist out of his grip. You looked around and saw that the girls were gone. 
Where did they go? You turned your head to the side feeling the mans hands on your backside again. There was he! 'Harry!' You shouted out into
his direction. 'Shut up, what's the big deal?' The man slurred biting the skin on your neck. 'Harry!' You tried again on the verge of tears.
The tall body of your boyfriend swiftly turned around searching for the source the call came from. The mans hands were close to the 
bottom of your dress making it rise a bit. A tear fell down your cheek a you rammed your heel into the leg of this per v. 
Suddenly you saw the familiar eyes focused on you in shock. The man was still engulfing you in his disgusting hug. His hands were 
firmly gripping onto yours probably leaving marks. Your eyes were blurred from the tears and you winced as the grip on your wrists
tightened. All of a sudden someone bumped into you pushing you two meters backwards. The grip on your wrists loosened and there was shouting.
You looked up to see your boyfriend holding the mans collar tight in his fist. Only a few inches were between their noses and Harry was shouting
at him. Shortly after a fist flew hitting the jaw of the man. Harry let go of his collar still shouting at him, things you didn't hear but
either wanted to. He pushed the man with so much force backwards that he stumbled back hitting his back against the wall. He stared at Harry
in shock backing up as Harry stepped closer to him again. The music was still playing loudly, nobody really noticed the fight. 'Harry!' You
squeaked in shock as the man suddenly threw a fist back into your boyfriends stomach. You stumbled forward to stop them from making 
everything worse. Just before you jumped between the two of them someone gripped you by the waist pulling you back. 'Shreya! Stop they're gonna
hurt you too!' Louis shouted at you from behind. You struggled in his arms to get to your boyfriend. Harry swung his fist again, but you didn't
see where it went. Louis and Niall were trying to calm you down dragging you to the back door. 'Harry! Don't let him alone!' You shouted at Niall 
as he dragged you out of the door. 'The others are with him, hes gonna be okay! calm down Shrey!' He spoke reassuringly holding you
by the shoulders. Your breath was going rapidly making it hard to get any oxygen into your lungs. 'Shreya the boys are with him. You need
to breathe.' Louis pulled you into his arms rubbing your back. A bang came from your right. You pulled back from Louis turning around.
Harry stumbled out of the door wiping his nose. 'You are such an idio t!' Zayn shouted exiting after him. 'They could have called the cops!' 
He yelled at him. 'No no no. You don't understand! Do you think i give a fuc* if they arrest me? Do you think i let some filt*y basta*d touch
my girlfriend and do nothing bout it? Well you got that wrong! I should have ripped his fu'ck'ng head off!' Harry wiped his nose again
staining the brown material of his jacket. 'Come on kitten.' Harry walked over to you leaving the boys speechless. He wrapped his arm 
around your waist and kissed your temple. 'I'm so sorry, come on ill get you home.' He brought you to the car and drove you home. He unlocked the door and 
closed it behind you. Before you could do anything he lifted you up onto the little table in the corridor and took off your heels. 
'Babe i can do that myself...' You mumbled watching the curls on his head bounce up and down. He didn't respond and just lifted you up bridal
style carrying you into the bedroom. You took off your dress crawling into the bed just in your underwear. Harry followed after he took off
his clothes. He scooted behind you wrapping his arms around your waist tightly. You slid even farther into his chest enjoying the warmth of his body.
Harry sighed. 'You will never see the lights of a club again.' He mumbled. 'I'm sorry.' He then added kissing your shoulder. 'Its alright...' You whispered
back slowly slipping into a tight sleep with Harry still leaving small kisses on your back.

I am soooorrryyy, sooo incredibly sorry for letting you wait soo long my brother kept distracting me so i didn't get to finish this yesterday :/ I hope you like it tho (: I'm sorry if its know because of this filth'y man and so on...yeah :P Oh and also, could you babes do me favor? If you ever see any of my imagines somewhere else could you tell me? Because they belong ONLY here. please? (: anyway ask me for requests if you want (: luff you -Anna xx

PS. I red this imagine about 10 before publishing it because it said there was a bad word in here. So thats why there are so many weird apostrophes in there lawll x
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