Here's a perfect start for my Harry Potter challenge. Starting off with Harry, the main character, I bet you'd figure out who's featuring my next set. >.o I can't believe HP has come to its end. Here's my love and obsession to HP. HP fans rule the planet! ♥
I love Harry. A scar-head who doesn't care for his fame, always had luck whenever trouble finds him every year. Do you notice that he looks better in the Prisoner of Azkaban? His face goes squared as he grows older. Lawl.
Harry Potter's best line : "Is this real? Or has this been happening inside my head?" [HP7]
[ Play the soundtrack on your right to get the HP vibe! ]
Free tags for all HP fans. Kindly request for one below. :)
I was tagged by @blue-jean-baby and @lifestyle-ala-grace .
I used Hedwig the owl from @blue-jean-baby and the cute black earrings from @lifestyle-ala-grace .
Here's the rules:
• Take an item from this set.
• Take an item from page 14 of your items.
• Tag 10 users.
I hope you don't mind. For this little game, I'm tagging :
@ruhpattinsonleto @theclownprincess @the-ch0sen-one @keepdreaming2 @schnitzelninja @rainbowpanda0 @ginnyandhermione @theduchessofcouture @achie @color-me-red
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