Imagine#1 ( My FIRST imagine c': sorry for my bad grammar or my bad imagination! I know i'm not good enough but this Imagine is for @hazzaslittlekitten )

 Harry and our first date at the movie theater: It was Saturday at night, you were ending with your makeup. You just applied a little not to much because you always has like to be natural. It was your first date with Harry. Yes, you met him not long ago in a meet and greet. He was amazed with you. The way you were calm with all the lads, the way you smiled to him and the way you could keep a conversation during the meet and greet. Yeah, your friends were hysterical with the boys, but you were calm because you wanted to gave them a good impression of you. And you made it! Harry ask for your number and obviously you change numbers. His last text with you was, 'I will be at your place tonight at 7:30pm so be prepare xx.'  You were very excited because you will have your first date with Harry. And as he said it, he was at your place at 7:30 waiting for you in his car.  He honked 2 times, you take your purse and run to his car. You were simple because he was probably taking you to the movies or to a park. "You look beautiful tonight...I-I mean you always look perfect but.-" "Thanks Harry, you too." you interrupted him smiling. He was very nervous, you too, but you didn't showed it. "Thanks, so you like horror movie?" he asked you with a big smile in his face. "Yes! while i'm with someone watching the movies i'm alright." you said to him. He just laughed a little and keep the ride to the theater. When you finally arrived, both went to buy the tickets to the movie "The Colletion". Some girls noticed him and he obviously as the gentleman he is, he took pictures with them and signed some phones. "You're his girlfriend?" one of the girls asked. "Oh no! We are friends.." you said a little nervous. "Not for long.." Harry said like a whispered that you and him could only heard. "To sad! You two will be a cute couple" all the girls admitted. You laughed a little nervous and Harry agreed with them. Harry said goodbyes to the girls and both went finally to the movie. You just waited a little when finally Harry arrived with some popcorn and soda. " Sorry for the delay! It was a big line"  Harry giggled a little. "It's okay you don't miss anything important! Just the trailers" you took popcorn. While watching the movie, you were very scared. The movie was so creepy and you finally decided to hide your face in Harry's shoulder. You could smell his male fragrance. "You told me that you liked horror movie didn't you? " he said while laughing. "Yes, but this one is very nasty and creepy" you said smelling again his neck. " Your nose is cold" He giggled. "Sorry" you said now looking at him. "Did I tell you that tonight you look perfect?" he said while looking to your eyes very deep. "Yes, you did" you blush. He closed his eyes slowly, you did the same. And in less than 4 seconds you were touching Harry's lips. You formed a really cute and sweet kiss. He looked at you smiling. "I I-I.. like you (Y/N) ... and um..." "I think i liked you too Harry" you interrupted him. "I'm glad you do" he finally said. You two keep watching the movie. You were very happy because this was the start of a relationship between Harry and You.
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