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Harry Potter Fans

Welcome to the Polyvore for all fans of Harry Potter! Whether you post HP sets occasionally, all the time, or never you're welcome to join!
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Wrote 29 days ago
Uhh, true dat about Harmione, I ship it! Buuut, all Draco ever wanted was to make his father happy. Just once to be liked by his father. I think he wasn't shown enough affection by his cold father growing up. I don't think he likes to be horrible. I think everyone has a good heart. Sometimes they make mistake. But they always have an alibi. @enchanticals

Wrote 29 days ago

Wrote one month ago
Well, his father is cruel and he tries to please him. But, he likes and enjoys being nasty. I do think if he had the right parents he would be better.
I noticed, after the last episode, in the early movies, which I did not catch, that Hermoime (sp?) had feelings for Weasly. I wanted her and Potter to get together, but she was more of a mother to him. I still wanted them together.

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