Harry Potter: Next Generation Challenge

Harry Potter: Next Generation Challenge
Moderated by annabellcoco.
1- James Sirius Potter
2- Albus Potter
3- Lily Potter
4- Rose Weasley
5-Hugo Weasley
6-Fred Weasley II
7- Roxanne Weasley
8- Molly Weasley
9- Lucy Weasley
10- Victoire Weasley
11- Dominique Weasley
12- Louis Weasley
13- Lorcan scamander
14- Lysander Scamander
15- Scorpius Malfoy
Use your creativity and name them what you think the characters would name their children and also only use characters formerly from Dumbledore's Army use this link:
Some examples maybe:
The Longbottoms
The Finnigans
The Jordans
The Woods (although he wasn' t in the DA he's an exception)
PM me if you have any characters that you think would be cool to ad
And yes you can also use Viktor Krum and Gabrielle Delacour as one of your characters parents.
PS. I will also accept stories and fanfictions
Message me when your done!
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