Kimberly's P.O.V. 
 Today was my birthday and I didn't want anything big like a party soo I decided to go to the carnival with my best friends. We decided to go eat lunch first. Since it was my birthday my friends wanted to pay for me. :) We went to eat and drink at Starbucks. I had a salad with chocolate latte. When I was getting up from my seat I went on my phone to check on instagram . until I bumped in to Harry Styles. I fell on top of him. "Watch where you going, babe." He said biting his lower lip.
"I'm soo sorry." I said
" It's okay cutie."
"What's your name?"
"What a pretty name :)
*Thinking in my mind*
I can't believe he called me babe and cutie! What if he likes me. OMG!! BEST BIRTHDDAY EVER!!
*End of thinking*
We both got up.
"Wanna go on the Ferris Wheel together? I have 2 tickets and I want to take a very beautiful and special girl with me."
"Sure, I would love too!" I said blushing

Harry's P.O.V..
 I can't believe she said yes. I think I'm in love. This can't be. She's soo pretty. 
Linda P.O.V
*On the Ferris Wheel*
 When we got to the top it slowed down. Until we stopped..... The person said it's not working and it might be an hour to fix it. I were always afraid of heights. "Are you ok, Kimberly?
"No. I'm scared of heights"
"You'll be safe with mee" said Harry wrapping his hands over me. 
"Kimberly, will you be my girlfriend?"
"Yes Harry I will" I said :)
*2 years later*
It was our 2 year anniversary and I bought Harry a 4 grand watch. We were having our dinner at a very nice restaurant. We were having dinner and we were having the best time. It was also my birthday. After dinner. II saw Harry get on one knee and asked "Kimberly, these two years have been amazing with you. Do u give me the pleasure of being my lovely and beautiful wife?"
You were crying with joy
"Yes! Harry I will"
Hope you like it :)
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