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 "HARRY!!!! GET YOUR ARSE IN HERE RIGHT NOW!" I yelled He scurried into the room with a scared look on his face a the restof the boys behind him.

 "What do you need? He asks with a hint of fear.

 "Do you wanna make me some spaghetti since the last time I did that, I almost burnt down te kitchen." His face loosened as he chuckled. Everyone else smed to think it was the funniest thing ever.

 "Why don't you come and help me?" he asked. I smiled and took his hand as he led me to kitchen. 

 "I DON'T WANT YOU TWO SWAPPING SALIVA WHILE COOKING THE SUBSTANCES THAT END UP INSIDE OF ME!" Niall yelled as he walked back into the game room. Harry turned to me and winked.

 "Harry!" I exclaimed as I whacked him on his head with the wooden spatula I was holding.

 "OW!" he mocked. We went back to cooking until he looked like he got a brilliant idea. He grabed and apron and put it on. He turned around and I read the apron.

 "Kiss The Chef." he smiled and puckered up.

 "In your dreams, Styles," I said. He pouted and then glared at me.

 "GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN!" he said. I gave him the puppy dog face and he let me stay. Not 2 minutes later did we hear a string of curse words followed by Louis storming into the kitchen.

 "Pumpkin, Niall cheated at FIFA!" Lou complained I smiled and called Niall into he kitchen.

 "Am I in trouble?" He asked.

 "No. The Spaghetti is done."
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