"Hey, Mack?" my boyfriend, Harry Styles, asked.
"Yeah?" I responded.
"What's wrong?"
"Nothing! Why would you think anything was wrong?" I asked, worried that he had found out about my secret.
"What's wrong? Really, Michaela? I can't even touch you. If try to grab on to your arm, you flinch away and don't let me get near you! I just wanna know if you-" he started
"H-Harry! It's not w-what you think!" I yelled, I was sobbing.
"Mack, please I just want to help you! Your my everything! I can't let you hurt yourself! It's just not-"
"Harry! I don't cut! I would never self-harm! I just-" I stopped. I didn't want him to know. About the bruises, cuts, all the pain. Emotional, physical, mental. 
"Please..." he had glossy eyes and was holding me close.
"Harry, before you asked me out, I was in an abusive relationship. He hated me. He only wanted to use me, but if I would've left, he threatened to go after my family." I said, my face burried into Harry's chest. "Harry, you saved me." I said, and looked into his beautiful eyes. 
"Michaela, why didn't you just tell me?" he asked, I could see the pain in his eyes.
"I didn't want to be treated with any sympathy. I wanted to just forget about it. I should've told you. I'm so sorry that I kept this from you."
"It's ok, love. It's alright as long as you're with me" he said, walking over to the bed in our shared flat. We laid down, facing eachother.
"in my arms." he finished, we fell asleep looking into each other's eyes. 

hope you like it!!!!!! @harrys-little-kitten
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