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For @ykariana Hope You Like It! <3 :)))))

Finally I'm so excited to go to my first One Direction concert!, me and my best friend are going we are so excited and decided to go really early so we can get to the front.
"Get ready now", my mum shouted up to me and best friend to get ready, so quickly I got changed in my room and she got ready in the bathroom.
When we were ready we got the train and headed to the concert, once we got there we managed to get TO THE FRONT! we were so lucky my mum said.
The concert was fun there was lots of screaming and shouting like "we love you" and "marry us" though.
Halfway through the concert I looked at all the boys but went I got to Harry I noticed he was looking right at me, we stayed like that for some time just looking in eachothers eyes and smiling at each other. my friend started to fangirl and get excited he was actually looking this way, even if it wasn't at her.
"Omg he is so looking at you", she said nudging me, some girls just in front of us noticed this too and one of them, I blonde girl sneered at me with envy in her eyes.
When the concert finished I could still hear my friend walking out with me saying "Omg that concert was amazing", I guess I just zoned out and started to think about how me and Harry's eyes connected and how sad it was to think about how we might never see each other again.
Suddenly as I was walking out of the Arena I felt a rough hand grab my shoulder.
"Hey!", I shouted.
"Let her go", my friend said too noticing someone had grabbed me.
"Calm down girls its just me", when the mans voice said that, I looked up and smiled and seen it was Paul ( thats 1D's bodyguard just incase you didn't know haha)
"Oh, sorry hey", me and my friend said noticing his friendly face.
"Wow the boys were right haha I'm am pretty famous", he said laughing.
"So what do you want us for", my friend asked nicely.
"Not you the now love, your friend here is all I need you can meet them in a bit love", he said smiling and getting a seat for my friend to wait on while Paul took me to a room and left me in there standing in front of the one direction boys.
"Hey love, hope Paul wasn't too rough there haha", Liam said laughing.
The boys were all sitting on a sofa in front of me while I was just standing there.
"I'm fine", I said awkwardly.
"Good, well me Niall, Zayn and Louis should be with your best friend since we gave her backstage tickets too so stay here with Harry for now bye", Liam said and walked out the door with the other 3 boys, so it was only leaving me and Harry.
"Hey love, come sit next to me",he said.
"Okay",I said and sat net to him on the sofa, when I sat down Harry turned his body slightly so we were looking directly at each other again.
"Your really pretty you know", Harry said looking at me and twirling a piece of my hair in his fingers, our head were so close I could feel his breathing on my neck suddenly he leaned in and so did I.
Our lips connected and we kissed I was 13 and was kissing Harry Styles it was unbelievable.
"Wow", he said and pulled back blushing.
"Yeah", I said laughing a bit and blushing too.
"What age are you by the way", he asked, I started to worry I didn't want to say my real age, but I knew I couldn't lie.
"13", I replied.
"Oh, I thought you would of been at least 15, but I doesn't matter age doesn't matter either, you were a really good kisser though, when he said that we both blushed and giggled.
"We should go on a date or meet up and hang out sometime", he suggested.
"Yeah, I would like that"
."Good, you know I really like you and we have just met its crazy", he said.
"It's not crazy I really like you too, I said too.
"Good you know your eyes are so beautiful they sparkle when you show emotion, and when I look into them I feel like you are the reason there is light in the world, haha I'm cheesey", he said blushing.
"Haha its ok i like cheesey", yous both blushed and giggled and laughed again.
"We should go and meet up with the other boys and get back to your best friend", Harry said standing up and held my hand to help me up and held my hand to the door and into the corridor to meet up with everyone else.
When me and my bestfriend got home we decided not to tell my mum just incase she didn't improve, but my friend was so excited that me and Harry were going on a date soon, and might even start darting and then at that moment I knew that was the BEST CONCERT EVER!

Sorry if it was bad xxx

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