"No! Get out!" I yelled at Louis, my best friend, and his band mates, who bursted into the room I was in, watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with a bowl of popcorn and a bottle of Sparkling Ice. 
"But we wanna play-" Louis started, but I cut him off. 
"No! I'm in here!! Go downstairs!!" The boys all frowned at me- all except for Harry. 
Harry, who was off on a date with his new blonde haired, orange faced girlfriend. 
I sighed at that thought and looked back from the cream colored sofa to the lads. 
"But the TV down there is-" 
"Not currently in use! Go!" I exclaimed, chucking the empty bottle I held at him. 
"Fine!" He yelled, ducking out of the way of the bottle, and left the room, Liam, Niall and Zayn in tow. I turned back to my movie, but was again interrupted by Harry bursting into the house, slamming the front door, with tears streaming down his face. 
"Ha-" I started, but he had already sprinted up the stairs and gone into his room slamming the door. Minutes passed, during which I pondered the possibilities of the reason behind Harry's distress, and what to do about it. Eventually, I decided it was best to take the simple approach and just ask him. Therefore, I grabbed two bottles of our favorite Hubert's Lemonade and the Notebook, and headed up to his room. 
"Go away!" Came his choked voice when I knocked on the door. Not taking his demand into consideration, I opened the door anyway and stepped inside. 
"Harry?" I asked, crossing over to him where he lay, now in only his sweats, on his bed, face buried in a pillow, and obviously crying. "What happened, Haz?" I asked, setting the movie and drinks down and crawling onto the bed with him. 
"M-Mandy... sh-she... I got to her house and walked inside, and she was doing IT on her bed with some other guy... And then she called me a 'fat ugly ass man whore', and the guy who was doing her hit me." He said, turning to look at me. His face was a bruised, bloodied mess. 
"Oh, Haz..." I breathed. 
"And then she broke up with me and kicked me out." He hastily wiped tears from his face before turning and burying it back into the pillow. 
"Hey.. Hey... Come here." I said soothingly, and laid down next to him. He rolled over and buried his bruised face in my chest, shuddering with his crying. 
"I-I'm sorry..." He said after a while, sitting up and wiping his nose, hiccuping. "For making you listen to my problems and horrendous crying." I cracked a smile, reaching up and wiping away a tear that he had missed. 
"You didn't make me, I chose to." I said, looking down. My eyes landed on the lemonade, and I grabbed it, popping the top of one of them. "Here." I said, and he took it, taking a slow sip. I then grabbed The Notebook, and held it up, raising my eyebrows. He smiled, nodding, and I got up and put it in, only to go back to the bed and crawl into it with Harry, letting him rest in my arms again. 
We watched the movie in silence, and I was entirely aware of Harry's breathing against my stomach and his hands upon mine, which rested on his chest as my arms were around him. 
"Harry?" I asked about half way into the film. 
"Hmm?" He asked, looking up at me. 
"Just because Mandy wasn't the one, doesn't mean the girl who will be isn't in the world." I said, and he frowned. 
"Who is it then?" I responded by leaning down and pressing my lips against his gently. 
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