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Does anyone else watch the show Suits? Because if youu dont, you are missing out SOOOOO much!!! Its become my favorite show, & its AMAZINGGG! Andd its on again tonightt so im pumped.
But Harvey is soooo sexy ohmygod dyingg. & Mike is just cute, ya know? Likee he's learningg how to be a lawyer etc, and lyingg about going to Harvard, but theyy make the perfect duo!
Anywayss yall shouldd watch it! I legitt never ever miss it, & I alwayss set a reminderr on even thoughh i never forget lol.

Mike: I bout 5 suits........for $500♥
My baby's learnin' lawyer work lmfao. Omgg and the time he borrowed Harvey's suit and like threw away the vest, and it lookedd all baggy on him.

But yeah, I actuallyy really like this set! Thankss for the faves & comments!
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