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Laykn Corby 
Laykn has always loved music but prefers work behind the scene's. When he was in high school he learned that he was only mediocre when it came to playing instruments , so whilst his friends were all creating there bands that seemed to come and go. Laykn started getting into Music Production , even going to college to studio Audio Engineering and Music Production. During that time he started working for a Street Magazine called Drum Media. Soon after getting his degree Laykn scored a job for a small record label. It was a great job , it had alright pay and steady stream of artists coming through but more often then not what these artist classified as music wasn't what Laykn thought was. These never used instruments and hardly ever used vocals and that was not what Laykn was interested in at all. So he quit and started putting more work into the street magazine. That is where he got an offer to move to New York which he gladly took.
So he is in New York now , spends most of his days working at Drum and spends most of his night working as a bar tender. He still hopes to become the next big thing in Production but he is just looking for the right band



Shaun Corby.
+ Father.
+ Banker. Doesn't approve of Laykn throwing his life away for something so unstable.
+ looks : Christian Bale

Andrea "Andy" Stiles.
+ Divorced from Shaun.
+ Owns a bakery.
+model :Naomi Watts.

Theodora "Theo" Corby.
+younger sister.
+model: jessica clarke.

Journalist for Drum Media.
+Writes mostly gig/concert reviews. Occasionally interviews artists.

+ Serves drinks to people , Lifts heavy objects. You know the normal Bartender.

Madison Bennet.
+she really isn't that important any more , well that is what laykn tells himself. they broke up when he moved to new york. 
+ model :Charlbi Kriek

Work Mates/ Colleagues.

Dave Hendricks.
+ works at Drum Media.
+ sarcastic , blunt , pretty awesome.
+ model : penn badgley.

Taylor Atkinson.
+works at the same bar.
+kinda of an airhead but she has a heart of gold.
+model :nastassia lindes
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