Sweater Weather// The Neighbourhood

Hey guys! First of all, I saw This Is Us the other day and the feels. It. Was. Perfect. The boys looked so hot aklfshlfnwkefl especially in 3D.
Second of all, I went to school today. NONE of my closest friends are in my class, but I have a semi close friend which I guess we're gonna be inseparable :/ And a couple other girls who I like. My homeroom teacher doesn't like me already... So I kinda have to suck up for the rest of the week :/
And sadly no new hot guys. Ugh fml. But anyways school again tomorrow! Yay! 
My Amazing Taglist; @matchstickz you are so amazing and sweet isabelle we should talk more because, ily ♡ @www-purrtydino-org your sets are actually perfection. you are so nice and sweet and we should be besties. yes? yes. @baconluver143 what i can tell from your username, you love bacon(: which is cool! i like bacon too!(: @jmcsparin you are probably the first friend i ever had since i started polyvore! you're so sweet and you and your sets have come so far(: @lidbay your so sweet and like almost all of my sets so ily(: @vballdiva let's talk about how much we hate pickleball together! hahah i love you because you have the same hatred for pickeball as i do ♡ @mjk3mj you are so sweet like omg. ily ♡ @grace-malik we are sister wives right grace?(; you are like so helpful and sweet. like ommmmgggg. @callmerachelmay RACHYCAKES i honestly can't describe how much i love you! you're so sweet and like i said... i love you ♡ @superstarsushi vicky, vicky, vicky, omg ily ♡ @aprilyacub we've never talked but we really should!(: @bella-styles-xo fellow canadian, bluenotes lover hehe i love ya ♡ @lulumagoo2000 you are really sweet!(: @a-little-blue-kitteh it's mah little blue pixar hehe see what i did there? no? ily ♡ @chloeadorable25 CHLO CHLO THE FRO YO! ilysm ♡ @twisted-fantasies haaaai!(: @nerdychic-xx okay let me just say, you are the most amazing, wonderful friend i could ever ask for! you're so nice and i just apologize for being horrible with the one shots but you know i love you aurora and i try so hard ♡ @sunkissedlovely words can't describe how much i love you mrs. horan(; ♡ @salty-hair-ocean-air-xoxo jessi, we should shedule a harry potter movie marathon together right? am i right? yesss! ♡ @forever-young214 nikki i love you so much. ♡ @sunrays56 ray monkey! i love you okay? ♡ @tropicalteen holy crap you are literally so gorgeous and fashionable i'm so jealous! plus you're super nice and omg ily. @peacelovehopexo MY BRITISH/SPANISH BUDDEH! get it? eh? like for canada? omg i'm sorry i forgot you. ily ok? @kawaii-xoxo OMG ANDIE YOU ARE MY BEST FWAD 5EVA and ilysm @alohamariah we just started talking but you're so nice!(: @wonder-l4nd omg you're like so freaking sweet and amazing and we just started talking but ily already

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