the hate to your love | Lyubov' (Любовь)

Lyubov', surname unknown, was born in Moscow. Of all the survivors, she probably had the most to lose. Once a successful artist and performer, she lost everything and everyone she loved in one fell swoop. She's tough to the point of cruel, an artist at heart, a self proclaimed woman of 'loose morals' (before joining with the group she made her way by way of the world's oldest profession and is perfectly happy to monopolize off of Dima's frustrations), a staunch feminist, dry, glib, sarcastic, creative, good at thinking on her feet, hot-tempered, proactive and pretty realistic. She can be flamboyant and moody, but she's more determined to survive than she is to have a prima dona hissy fit. All in all, it makes her name (meaning 'love' in Russian, and yes, it's a legit name)... somewhat ironic. There's very little soft and cuddly and romantic about Lyuba. She has a gun and she's not afraid to use it, and she can be pretty scary. But, on the other hand, she really did love her life before the virus, and she loved her parents a lot, and she's probably more 'what the world made her' than 'what she wants to be'.
She likes Saya well enough, but she thinks she's a bit weird and repressed and precious.

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