I got lazy and just put a album, oh and that album is Revolver, : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEz2YD-w2jc
Ahaha I know what your probably thinking(:
I just saud that I was not going to make a set for like a week or so, but I lied!! Cuz it turns out im not as busy as I thought I was(: Aha...im a weirdo
But who isnt ?
Thankyou Thankyou for likes, comments, you know, all that^.^
Revolver is a great album! My fav songs in that album are:
3. I'm Only Sleeping
5. Here, There And Everywhere
10. For No One
12. I Want To Tell You
Oh wow! I just remembered something,
I went to this little antique store this weekend with my mother because, well, I only love all things vintage ! And so anyways ! I found a Revolver record in the case and everything for like $30 bucks or something! I was so close to getting it but I got talked out of it...mothers these days:L 
ahah !
Well im gonna go now, thanks again! Bye!
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