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Wrote 4 years ago
Good evening my sister Polyvorian :-)
My items list is huge, and for everyone...so, yes, anything in my lists is available.
Hugs to you my friend, Linda

Wrote 4 years ago
@lindacaricofe :-)))) are you sure we weren't sisters in another life??? Thank you for being so gracious with your comments. I can't wait to see your collections when you get them ready for viewing. I'm thinking about putting a furniture collection together, but not sure I have enough items for a full collection. Maybe I'll just snag a few more of yours :-P

Wrote 4 years ago
Oh my goodness, I am new to the creating collections..I actually just realized one could do that last month....I enjoyed the hats so much !!!! And believe it or not I own quite a few that look just like the ones in your collection, even the purple hat...You have a fantastic group of collections....I really need to get my collections in order...as usual, I start one, then start another, teeheee...That's me...too many projects..so, I give up and create a set :-) You are a wonderful Polyvore friend!


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