felt like sharing.
excuse the chit chatty slang in advance x)

1. bow ring - it's really sturdy, but not rubby/itchy. def makes a statement, it'd give a big pop to a normal outfit, or add to a crazy one (:

2. zipper sandals - yeah, I'm keepin' em. they're intense but I adore zippers, & theyr'e true to size + mad comfy

3. ballet socks - I saw lookbook girls wearing these with various shoes & thought, "oh, that's cute, ok, I'm sold. want! $3? wantwant."

4. necklace - the pearl part is a little stiff but everything else is flowy + perfect, I'm stoked to wear it. it'll look great with solid neutral tops. just a pop of color! mmm, color.

5. backpack/jumbo purse: it has a zillion (ok, 7 or 8) pockets, which I love. it's big enough to hold my laptop, a few books/folders, and there's a space that'll fit pencils, my phone, and my dinky eco-water bottle ♥ I also love how it comes with backpack handles which you can add on or switch off. I wish it had zipper closure at the top, but other than that, it's rad!

6. puffy shirt - (insert seinfeld joke here) it's sooo great, and was $7 instead of $30 (cough cough, DELIAS) the material is thicker than I expected, which will def keep me warmer in the winter! the sleeves are unique but super flattering on my dink arms. I love the neckline, too, a perfect swoop, but still covers my bra straps. F21 is my go-to place for basic tops. most of their tees are $4, and they last.

7. KITTY TANK - good fit, and a graphic that makes me lol. but it looks like it's from some trendy tee place, idk, I love it. like I said, major lols. (no army pun intended) x)

8. Strappy Vest/top - UGHHH. I was so excited about this, but you see where I put little yellow marks? those straps were too long on me and it threw off the whole fit/look. so peeved. I exchanged it for store credit. ugh, I guess I'll get over it. I was excited about looking like lady gaga. :( but there will be other funky tops :P

over all - F21,FTW again x)

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