Haute Couture Assassins ☪

Prague is the capitol and largest city in the Czech Republic. With a high population, wonderful attractions, and some of the nicest summers and chilliest winters, Prague is one of the hottest tourist spots in Europe. It has become a world center for action, even so in the career of modeling. It seems that over the past few years, two prominent modeling agencies have opened up in Prague's metro district, known only as Måne and Sol; moon and sun. Not much about these agencies is known, except they are fiercely competitive, especially with one another. Rumor is, their founding fathers (or mothers, rather) are sisters. But the thing about Måne and Sol is something's... a little off. And the biggest 'off' is probably the fact that both agencies aren't even really intended for modeling. One step is taken into the office of either Måne or Sol, with intentions of becoming a model, but along the way... something happened. Something changes. No longer a young, meek, impressionable wanna-be model, but a glamorous super star, dressed head to toe in Haute Couture arises. But that isn't the only alteration. The girls of Måne and Sol are deadly, in every aspect of the word. Assassins forced to kill. And their mission? Exterminate the enemy and kill every single member of the opposing force, whether it be Måne or Sol.

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Wrote three years ago
so excited omg.

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