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Warning!! Lengthy speech ahead:

I was recently approached by several retailers offering to give me a certain dollar amount in coupons (to be used on their websites) in exchange for a bunch of sets using their products and their logos. I'm sure many of you have receive similar offers. I declined all of them. Here's why...
To us, making sets is a hobby or a recreational thing. To them, it's business. Using their products in our sets is a form of advertising. If you have thousands of followers, have a lot of views to your sets and profile page, maybe even make top sets, the items you use in your sets are getting major exposure. These retailers know this and want to capitalize from it. There's nothing wrong with that. But when they're offering a measly $30 coupon that won't go very far on their site w/o you having to spend money out of your pocket to get what you want, and you accept, you're selling yourself short. Know your worth, value your sets and your work. You put time and effort into finding items, pictures, text and coordinating the perfect look. I'm not saying you shouldn't take a deal... get paid. If those retailers would've been offering more, I may have considered. But don't accept a rinky dink offer. In the end they get tons of business from your sets and what did you get... a mere discount? Know. Your. Worth.
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