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  • Lucy Hale images
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    "This is Hayley Adeline Haze" — @megnificentlyme
    Lucy Hale 27
  • Robert Downey Jr.
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    "This is her father, Michael Haze, a part of the Beacon Hill Police Department. He is close friends with Sheriff Stilinski." — @megnificentlyme
    Robert Downey Jr.
  • Lea Salonga
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    "This is her mother, Elizabeth Haze. She works as a lawyer at a well known law firm in Beacon Hills." — @megnificentlyme
    Lea Salonga-Chien, OLD (born February 22, 1971) is a Filipina soprano singer and actress who is well known for originating the lead role of Kim in the musical Miss Saigon, for which she won a Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical in 1991, and was also one of the first Asians to play the roles of Éponine Thénardier and Fantine in the musical Les Misérables. At Disney, she is well-known for providing the singing voices of Princess Jasmine and Fa Mulan.
  • Where's My Stache?
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    "This is her older brother, Jason. He graduated from Beacon Hills High last year and has recently started going to a local college." — @megnificentlyme
    Hello. I'm a fifth year at Hogwarts, and I'm happily married to Darren Criss. My favorite singers...
  • Full Bailee Madison Photo
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    "This is her younger sister Nina. She is currently going to a local middle school but will be attending Beacon Hills High next year." — @megnificentlyme
    Larger resolution image of Full Bailee Madison at 841x1222 uploaded by tades
  • Vild, ville, vann
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    "This is her dog, Belle. Belle is French for beautiful." — @megnificentlyme
  • Beacon Hills
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    "She was born and raised in Beacon Hills in a loving and caring environment." — @megnificentlyme
    Beacon Hills, California Teen Wolf Location The town of Beacon Hills, California is the main...
  • The Little Things Stacie's Wanderlust
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    "This is the home that Hayley was pretty much raised in. Though the family had enough to live in this house, they wanted to keep it in the family due to it once being her grandmother Helen's home." — @megnificentlyme
    I was really, really, really happy to be back in the US these last couple weeks. Even though I love France, being there for 2 months has given me a renewed appreciation for my home country. My absence also has me missing those certain little, familiar, often taken for granted things in US life.... Big,…
  • We Heart It
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    "This is her room, which is where she spends most of her time." — @megnificentlyme
    Angela's bedrooms images from the web
  • Basement Pipes A Disaster
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    "This is the basement, the one place that she chains herself up in to keep herself from going out and getting caught by a hunter." — @megnificentlyme
    Looking at finishing a basement for a long time customer who has only one project left. Basically there is a stack and waste lines right smack dab in the middle of where they want the main open area.
  • 1.01 Wolf Moon - 101TeenWolf1163 - Sci Fi Screencaps
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    "She was turned on the night of a full moon. Since then she has been trying to keep her new life a secret." — @megnificentlyme
  • The Lone Wolf Makeup by Alani Design and Process
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    "This was were she was bitten on that night." — @megnificentlyme
    The Lone Wolf is Jacob Coburn’s senior cinema studies thesis film. The main character is a young college student named Alan. He is not particularly impressive or manly in any way, but there does n...
  • Last years wishes are this years apologies.
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    "She loves to read and has a strange interest in the book, Jane Eyre." — @megnificentlyme
  • Scenes from a Diner
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    "She works at an old diner just down the road from where she lives. She sometimes even sings there for a little extra money." — @megnificentlyme
    Photo portfolio of Ben Elliott on 500px. Counter seats @ Dot's Diner in Bisbee
  • Porsche Panamera
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    "She owns a silver porche, but..." — @megnificentlyme
  • kawasaki ninja
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    "much to her parents dismay, she enjoys driving this much more." — @megnificentlyme
  • Pink Candy Scrabble Photo Art Print Stripes
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    "She's a hopeless romantic- She believes that when she's ready, she'll find the one that she's meant to be with." — @megnificentlyme
    Hi there! :) This listing is an 8 x 10 unmatted, unframed, and borderless print. Other standard and custom sizes are available! Please check my
  • Tumblr
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    "She's very clever- She knows a lot about history, literature, and science" — @megnificentlyme
  • Colour My Life With The Chaos Of Trouble
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    "She has major trust issues- This was caused by having so many people disappoint her in life." — @megnificentlyme
  • strict parents create sneaky kids | Tumblr
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    "She has been known to be quite sneaky- Since her parents are very strict on her and refuse to let her out of the house most night, she sneaks out with the help of Stiles and Scott." — @megnificentlyme
  • wishonakiss
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    "She's very creative- She enjoys coming up with new ways to show her creativity." — @megnificentlyme
  • Still Life Piano Photograph, Fingers, 8x10 Print, Neutral Colors, Vintage Tones, Music Lover, Fine Art Photo
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    "She loves music- Her love of music originally started when she was three years old. That was when she found out about her ability to sing." — @megnificentlyme
    Original Signed Fine Art Photograph. Ready to frame gift for musician, music lover, pianist, teacher. Title: Fingers Size: 8x10 Other sizes available upon request. Printed on professional, acid free, archival paper that produces sharp details and luscious color. Taken and processed by me... ©Elle Moss 2010
  • Take me off of the Shelf, Manip: Lucy Hale & Dylan O’brien
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    "Stiles Stilinski- They have been best friends ever since they were six years old and nothing has ever torn them apart. Hayley always had a crush on Stiles, but she realized that his feelings weren't returned because he had a thing for Lydia." — @megnificentlyme
    Manip: Lucy Hale & Dylan O’brien
  • Lucy-Hale-Manip
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    "Scott McCall- She became friends with him right around the same time that she became friends with Stiles. The two aren't as close as Hayley and Stiles, but they still consider each other best friends." — @megnificentlyme
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  • Manips for you
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    "Allison Argent- Despite the fact that Hayley is now a werewolf, Allison seems to trust her. The Argents don't know about her being a werewolf, but they have their suspicions." — @megnificentlyme
    For: anon Lucy Hale and Crystal reed manip
  • the mad duo
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    "Lydia Martin- The two are pretty much frenemies and only tolerate each other because of their similar taste in fashion." — @megnificentlyme
    “ Holland Roden & Lucy Hale {requested anonymously} ”
  • Gallery For > Colton Haynes And Lucy Hale Gif
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    "Jackson Whittemore- The two aren't exactly close and have only hung out a few times due to the Haze and Whittemore family being close. Both of their moms were friends in high school." — @megnificentlyme
    colton haynes and lucy hale gif
  • lucy hale | Tumblr
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    "And that's Hayley Haze." — @megnificentlyme
  • Lucy Hale images
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    Lucy Hale 50

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